Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The day of firsts

Welcome to Wednesday! I am so glad to be half over with my week, my boss is on the war path this week (this is not a first) and I am more than happy to be so close to Friday.

So today was a day of new things and it started like this...

I opted to do something new for breakfast today- a big yogurt mess!

It started off quite pretty, but ended like this...

It was 3/4 cup plain greek yogurt
a whole sliced pear
1/4 cup low fat granola
1/4 cup banana nut cherrios
1/4 cup frozen blueberries

This was a first time trfirstying this and I loved it. And yes it kept me full for a while!

I went to work and heard yet another first when I had a prospective student call me
"I can't come in tomorrow because it's supposed to rain and someone will have to stay home with the kids"

Yes, this woman was dead serious that she was not sending her kids to school in the rain... UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I went to school in the rain, in the heat, when I was sick, when I didn't feel like it. This also helped me realize that the problem is not the education system, it is the parents! I have never heard anything SO rediculous as keeping your kids home when its raining- its not like its a hurricane!

Ok, off my rant, here comes another first. I went to Sports Authority on my lunch hour to purchase another first with a gift card I had leftover from Christmas...

My very first Running Skirt!!!!!

I have heard so many great things about running skirts and I was so thrilled to find this one on sale!!! I am really excited to get moving with this baby on.

So onto my last first. The decision to wear my First running skirt for my FIRST half marathon!

I am thinking this will be my race day outfit. The pink totally works with the Breast Cancer Foundation we are running to support and I think it will just be so much fun!

We will see if that decision sticks once the weather forecasts get more accurate.

Off to do some homework and hopefully squeak in a run before this sore throat takes over.

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