Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friends, Bike Rides and some FroYo

Well, I have been a busy girl since I last left you all. I had some toast with peanut butter before heading over to Chateau Colston last night.

We did manage to get some game watching in and the Gators pulled out a solid victory. We also started our own game playing...The boys pulled th make shift dining room table out to make a beer pong table. Many rounds were played, and in the end I think Katie ended up winning out.

The dogs did an excellent job on mop up duty making sure any spilled beer was promptly licked up. Things got pretty rowdy after a while and me, the worst beer pong player ever was even dragged into a game, luckily I was able to pawn off my beers to every other person in the room.

Chef Colston had quite the spread last night, I stuck to about 3 or 4 of the bbq meatballs, they were quite tasty and I couldn't help go back for more.

I managed to consume 1.5 beers throughout the festivites, but even that was hard as it left me feeling SO full.

The hard working Mrs. Colston made it home about half way through the evening and immediately started to catch up.

It has been WAY too long since I have seen all of these people and it was so fun to spend time with them all again.

We headed home and I was very clear that no alarms would be set this morning. I did manage to get up about 8am and made this lovely repeat for breakfast.

2 waffles with sliced pear and banana- still amazing!

I also managed to get in our weekly grocery shopping early this morning, and it was great to have it all out of the way. John noticed that the weather was shaping up perfectly and even earlier than expected so we headed out to log some miles on these babies!

It was a perfect day for a bike ride, and we set out at a moderate pace with a big loop in mind. We rode all over our part of Jacksonville, and I had a blast!
About mile 9 we stopped to let some other bikers and runners get some distance and I munched on these...

I thought they were pretty tasty. Rasberry flavored gummi chews. John wasn't such a fan, said they were too chewy, but I will definitely be keeping these babies around- esp for bike rides.

We finished up a long leisurely ride in a little under 2 hours. It was a pretty easy ride with the exception of some serious winds we encountered on and off throughout our whole ride.

Blame the crazy hair on the wind

I am loving the biking feature on the Garmin, it is wonderful to be able to keep track of all my workouts.

We did a little over 21 miles in a little under 2 hours. Our average pace was about 11.5 mph.

After our ride and burning 1,000 calories we were starving and headed up to McAlisters Deli for lunch. I had the Chipotle Chicken wrap and it was awesome! I ate about 3/4 of it with a side of fruit and John helped me polish off the rest.

After lunch we went out to run some errands, and I was able to FINALLY get my Yogaberry fix. Yogaberry is a spin-off of PinkBerry in NYC and is pretty much just as fabulous and a lot closer.

I got an 8 ounce original yogurt with mango, kiwi, and rasberries- Yum! Yogaberry is fat free, gluten free, and 25 calories per ounce.

John is not normally a huge yogaberry fan, he prefers coldstone or anywhere with some chocolate. Well Yogaberry had some new additions today and John became a very happy YB supporter...

Cookies and Cream with cookies and cream crumbles on top

We came home to relax a bit, and then I headed to the gym for some weights. I am on a mission to strength train 3 days a week, and after todays weight lifting session I realized how weak I have gotten, it was bad and my arms are already sore.

I have been switching out laundry and was bad and brought in take out for dinner, John and I both had burgers. I couldn't finish mine and it reminded me of why I pretty much stay away from greasy food.

Tomorrow John and I are headed to the Westside to take out bikes on the Jacksonville-Baldwin trail that goes from West Jacksonville all the way out to Baldwin. It will be about 30 miles round trip, and we plan to get out there early. I am relaxing now and updating the blog look and ipod and turning in soon.

Tomorrow after our ride I have quite a bit of laundry to put away as well as tidy up the apartment, do some homework, get in a run, and make a target trip. I am getting really excited for our 5k next Saturday, I realized today we haven't done a race since Thanksgiving day, and my legs are ready to see how fast they can go! Happy Sunday night, see you all tomorrow!

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