Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well That Hurt

So I pretty much crashed last night but not before going back and forth on whether or not to take an ice bath, I opted not mostly because I was already cold. Boy, was that a big mistake.

Peachie woke up about 5:45am and the second I moved I knew this was going to be bad. I have NEVER been in so much pain after any workout ever, and that includes the first day back to 2-a-days for volleyball after a long break in August. It was not even so much sore muscles as pure joint pain. My feet, ankles, knees, and hips are so stiff. I do have some tight hamstrings, but you can't even notice them through all the other pains.

So moral of the story is 11 miles will kill your legs, hmmm this whole 13.1 thing should be interesting. We do have 1-2 more long runs (I haven't decided how I want to play it out yet) and I know those will hurt pretty much just as bad. Our average pace yesterday was pretty much the same as when we did 9.5 miles 2 weeks ago, and I certainly did not feel like this afterwards.

So after getting up and barely falling out of bed I finally took a long overdue ice bath- not sure it was going to help, but it certainly couldn't hurt. It did help me be able to stretch some and keep my joints more mobile. I made waffles again for breakfast. I gave myself three but was only able to finish two. I topped them with greek yogurt, sliced pear, banana, and blueberries- SO insanely filling I still can't believe it.

I went to work which went by surprisingly quick for a Saturday and then I headed home, but not before picking up Quiznos for lunch- yes I love quiznos and could eat it every day. I had a sammie and small salad, and brought John and Baja Chicken- his fav. We decided to go see the movie Leap Year as someone (John) had been saying he really wanted to see it. We went, it was cute, I actually expected a tad more comedy and a little less sap, but it was good, very girlie of course.

After barely making it out of the movie theater I decided it would be a good idea to loosen up my legs with an easy walk on the treadmill. I went to the gym and kept the incline at 3.0 and my pace between 3.0 and 3.3 mph- so read I was walking so leisurely I did not even break a sweat in the 30 minutes I was there. I was getting jealous of another runner a few treadmills down, pounding it out and sweating, but then I remembered I ran 11 miles last night, and if you try to run now, you will probably never walk again. After 30 minutes I did some serious stretching and came home feeling better.

I know I need to find myself some dinner pretty quickly, but I have no idea what I want and nothing sounds appealing. Does anyone else ever have those days? I feel like I get them all the time and have no idea what I want to eat which is usually why I eat the same thing every day so I don't have to think about it. We are heading over to The Colston House to watch the Gator Basketball game at 8pm. I am really excited as I have not seen the finished house yet, even though John has been a few times. I will have pictures tomorrow!

Have a good Saturday night!

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