Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a Mess!!!

So as I'm walking out of work today I get a text with the word Disaster and this picture...

That's right folks, little Peach has been a naughty girl today! She has actually been a tad rebellious since we went back to work last week. We have had 2 blinds incidents but we just assumed that is because she wanted to look outside, but we have decided that she is either

a. SUPER Bored

b. Has some sort of separation anxiety. She has started to cry quite a bit when we leave for work each day, and has been very clingy when we are home.

c. Is terrified of all the Static cling going on and is acting out against all things that are crackling

d. Was out to beat the bright blue update light on the Wii

A and B seem like the most viable answers, but we also think reasons C and D played a factor in the items she chose to attack.

Oh well- nothing was really destroyed except a wii cable she decided to munch on- lucky she didn't become a fried Peachie!

After I left you all last night John and I headed to the gym for a run. I did 3 miles in just under 29 minutes without a single break! I usually take a small break to catch my breath and allow myself to maintain a quick speed, but between the exciting 1st half of Gator Basketball and the climate and speed controlled treadmill I rocked out 3 miles like it was nothing and left feeling great!

On our way home John mentioned that he was glad he went and ran and didn't think he was actually going to go last night, but was happy he did. I told him something I constantly tell myself when I am debating whether or not to lace up my shoes- you will NEVER regret the runs you go decide to do, you will almost always regret the ones you skipped. I think this is SO true. I have never come back after a run and thought " Ugh, I really wish I hadn't done that" I always feel better, am glad I took the time to do it, and at this point in the game usually feel pretty awesome that I did something better/quicker/faster/easier that I used to. So just some words of running wisdom:)

I made it to bed later than ususal last night and couldn't drag myself out of bed until 6:30am (so much for AM homework). I did manage to watch the rest of the Biggest Loser episode that we had recorded from last night, and I am still in love with this show! If nothing else it is another motivator for me to get out there and keep busting my butt.

As I did yesterday, I spent a little time today trying to finalize my spring race schedules, and I think I pretty much have it- stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see my spring and summer race schedule, there will be some fun things on there!

Early this morning I noticed that I had an achiness in my right foot (which has always been a problem child). It felt like a tight tendon through my arch which just felt like a tight or sore muscle. I spent some time trying to stretch and massage out some of the tightness and couldn't seem to have any relief. I threw a golf ball in my purse to massage it with all day.

Golf Ball? Yeah, golf ball. When I first found out about some of the foot issues I had WAAAAYYY back in 2002 one of my doctors recommended that rolling your foot over a golf ball is a great way to both massage your foot and work out some tension in both muscles and tendons. I can report this has always worked wonders for me...until today.

No matter what I did today, shoes/no shoes, massaging/no touching, etc., I could not get any relief in this foot, and I hate to admit it has gotten to hurting even more over the course of the day:( After looking at the bottom of my foot and seeing a slight bruise as well as feeling some light pain spread from just the arch to the heel I decided I needed to confirm on WebMD what I thought was happening.

YEP, it looks like a light case of Planter Faciitis. Basically your tendon is super tight from running like a crazy person and it is boycotting by puffing up really big and hurting your foot! Yes this is my very technical medical definition.

Well I was super bummed I was going to have to skip my 4 miles on the schedule for today, but I knew my itchy legs would not let me sit still. I did hit the gym for 25-30 minutes of No Impact Cross-Training. I did the stationary bike which was great for my quads, and foot I suppose, but I am bummed about the foot.

There is a big looming 11 miles on the training schedule this weekend, and I REFUSE to skip this run unless my foot has fallen off. I will chill on the bike until then if need be, but I will do 11 miles this Saturday. I feel like this run is my make or break for this half marathon. If I can do this run, I can do this race, and extra 2 miles will be nothing at that point. We have 2 more long runs after this, but mentally I feel like this needs to be my awesome run. 12.5 and 14 are just for conditioning and peace of mind, the 11 mile is the mental preparation, and we all know that running is 95% mental anyways.

So you can imagine my disappointment at this slight injury if you can even call it that, I would call it a twinge. I am determined to rest my foot (I will be wearing flats to work the rest of the week and only no impact cardio- great time to start back on the weights) stretch and carb load for an awesome 11 miles on Saturday!!!

I am off now to finish my homework and get to bed. I have a 7am Appointment to take Maggie (my beautiful car) to the dealership tomorrow for her 1 year check-up!

I can't believe I have had my new car for a year, it is still my new car and I love it just as much as the day I brought her home!

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