Thursday, January 21, 2010

A quick bounce back

Thank goodness it is almost Friday! I hope y'all are as excited as I am! Last night I headed to bed almost immediately after posting as I had developed a sore throat and severe achiness yesterday. I was determined to fend of the cold before it could set in and was in bed asleep by 9pm- lame I know. I slept like a rock until 6:30 this morning and still managed to lay in bed for another hour with the doggie before mustering enough energy to actually get up.

The good news is I woke up feeling better with only a slight scratch in my throat. I lazed around this morning and at about 9:30 headed over to Whole Foods to pick up some granola bars I was out of. This may sound very strange but WF is the cheapest place to buy the Clif-Z bars I like at $.69/bar. They are $.75 at publix and $.99 at target both with much less variety. I also grabbed the lobster bisque soup for lunch as I knew it would be great on my throat- and yes it was as AMAZING as it sounds!

I made a quick stop at 1st place sports (Actually the whole reason I headed to that side of town) to pick up our race packets for this weekend's race!

I love the colors and design on this shirt, but the bib numbers threw me for a loop today. Apparently the timing chip is built intot he bib number (you can see a tiny bump on the back) and it is a new way to use the disposable timing chip-hmmm, well we will see if it works. All I can say is I am looking forward to hearing the beep beep when we cross the mats Saturday morning.

In other news, I got an upsetting call at work tonight. John let me know that our TV is dead...WHAT!?!?!?!!?!? Luckily it seems just the bulb is burnt out and needs to be replaced, but we will be looking at Monday evening before we have a working tv again :( Not that it is a huge crutch but is a nice background noise) So without a doubt we will have an outdoor, reading and homework filled weekend.

We are now off to the gym at 8:50pm to get in a run this week as I did not yesterday and also watch the Gator Basketball game on tv- I am wearing my Gator running shorts for the occasion!

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