Friday, January 15, 2010

Change of Plans: One way ticket to Double Digits!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first 3 day weekend of 2010!!!! I am beyond excited about several things, but the first being that this is a 3 day weekend!

Last you all heard I was about to head home from work. I made it out and headed home to an empty house- well not entirely, the Peach was there. John had gone to help a friend with a moving project, so I took the opportunity to head to the gym for another 30 minute bike session. I knew I needed to stay off my foot if I had any hopes of doing 11 miles this weekend.

I was glad to get in another workout, but was hesitant with low mileage the last 2 weeks that I would really struggle with our very crucial long run. After the bike I showered, and relaxed with Peachie and a magazine. I didn't go to sleep until after John came home which was definitely past my normal bedtime.

I got up this morning, went to work and immediately sent John and email about how bummed I was that it was supposed to rain tomorrow when we were wanting to do our run, so I had a thought- why don't we just do it tonight?!?!!?!?!?!

We had no Friday night plans and the weather was actually perfect, so....We just ran 11 miles after a full day at work, yeah, we are Awesome like that!!!! I spent my day carb loading and getting myself pumped up to run 11 miles.

I rushed home after work, took Peachie out, changed my clothes, suited up with the gadgets (garmin and ipod) grabbed mid-run fuel and filled up the camelbak. We made it out the door right before 6pm. In my head I really wanted to do 11 miles in 2 hours, which was a solid 11 minute pace for the whole thing, but I thought that would be a bit of a stretch so we just started out at an easy pace and kept going.

I felt great at the 3 mile mark which is when I told myself I could take the first break if I needed it, but I didn't and just kept on going. I made it to the half way point or 5.5 miles without stopping to walk with the exception of having to wait to cross the street at a few points.

At mile 5.5 John and I took a short walk break mostly just to take some fuel, my legs could have kept on going. I chose to take the Gu Energy Gel I bought yesterday because that is what will be available during our half.

I was not super impressed with this gel, it tasted fine and was less sticky and went down smoother than the gu chomps or shot blocks. I definitely felt the energy boost from the gel, but it also made my stomach queasy at three points (miles 7, 8 and 10), but each time it passed quickly and I was able to push through. I will probably stick with something more solid during our race like shot blocks or gummis as those usually work great.

After our short walk break we were off again and I ran from mile 5.75 to mile 8 with no break and then I took a short walk to get even with John and my knees got an overwhelming achiness right then at mile 8. My legs had felt great up until then and so I pretty mush just started running again immediately so I could ignore any achiness in my legs.

Shortly after we crossed the street and were back to our normal route when we run on weeknights so I felt great at that point about making it the last 2.5 miles. Once I rounded the corner at the 9 mile mark I knew I was home free, but I was alone and a tad ahead so I just kept talking to myself to keep me going and try to get my pace a bit quicker. I blasted out the last 2 miles with negative splits and the minute I stopped at mile 11 my legs became immobile.

I am SO SO SO proud of John and myself for doing our 11 mile run after a full day at work, for finishing in a respectable time AND for pretty much running the entire thing, less than 7 minutes of walking over the whole 2+ hours!

I did 11 miles in just over 2 hours, not too shabby, I was going for distance, not time, and I am even happier to have the run out of the way and have the weekend to myself!!!! And yes, I am still madly in love with the Garmin!
As soon as I walked in the door I fell on the floor and attempted to stretch. I was finally able to get a good stretch in my super tight hamstrings but could not get my stiff ankles to loosed up. I have never had such stiffness in my ankles- ouch!
After a quick shower, John and I immediately knew what we wanted for dinner- PIZZA!!!! It was quick, easy, and delish!!!!
I had 2 wonderful slices of this beast with a glass of milk and I am calling it a night.
I am pretty much ready for bed, my legs are exhausted and I can't even get them comfortable as I sit here typing. I fully expect to sleep in a tad, have a nice big breakfast and then head to work.

I really wish I could do this all day, but only the doggie will be so lucky! She is SO Spoiled!

We have grand plans for at least 1 bike ride this weekend, if not 2. Also maybe a move tomorrow during the rain and who knows what else. Night Blog readers, I am off to relish in my accomplishment!

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