Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet Blue!!!!

Well hello all, I hope everyone had a nice weekend!
John and I had a FANTASTIC Sunday, it was a great way to end our 10 day vacation, and I am SUPER bummed I have to go back to work tomorrow:(

It was super chilly this morning here in Jax (about 30 degrees) and not even Ms. Peach moved until the sun was up! I crawled out of my warm bed about 8am and finally mustered up enough warmth to make myself my usual breakfast. I cannot get enough of this food, and it is pretty much the same thing I eat every day, but I added a pear to the yogurt.

2 slices of Natures Own Whole Wheat Toast, 1 slice with PB and Banana, the other with Pumpkin butter (and the remainder of the banana on the side). Then 1cup FF plain yogurt with 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and today 1/2 a pear. All washed down with a frozen mug full of Skim Milk!

After a quick breakfast I braved the cold and headed to the gym for 30 minutes of hill walking and running. I walked the 1st mile at a 4 mph pace and incline b/w 10 and 15- it was a nice way to warm up and loosen my legs after yesterdays long run. Then I ran the next 1 1/2 miles alternating my pace every 1/4 mile. I would do 1/4 mile at a 10 minute pace and 1/4 mile at an 8:30 pace. I felt good, and it wasn't too killer.

Once home I quickly showered, and we headed to Petsmart to fine a specific nail trimmer for Peachie, we left empty handed, but we did enjoy perusing the breed specific books and calanders and looking at all the cute pictures! By then it was noon and John and I were BOTH hungry so we made a quick pit stop into our neighborhood Quiznos, our favorite quick food!

John got his usual Baja Chicken Sandwich (with no onions) but I was bummed to see they had taken my go-to salad off the menu:( I ordered the 2 for $5 combo with a Sonoma Turkey Sammie (super yum!) and the new Spicy Asian Chicken Salad. The salad was ok, it was not spicy and I did not enjoy the sesame/ginger dressing so I substituted in the vinegarette. It was a simple salad of lettuce, tomato, onion, chicken and the asian noodles. Will probably get a different salad the next time.

After a quick bite, we ventured over to the Mandarin area and into our new found bike shop! John wanted to test ride the larger size of the bike he was interested in and they happened to have his size in stock. Well I am HAPPY to report that they made us a GREAT deal on not 1 but 2 bikes AND took an extra 15% off BOTH bikes!!!

Check her out!!!!
This is Blue! I love her aqua color and it is a nice bike with more of a hybrid type tire and frame that will allow for some light trail and beach use as well as paved and road training. I still have strong intentions of fixing up the racing bike in the next couple of months as well as I am already eyeing some races for this summer and fall and the road racing bike will be necessary!

John's new toy is a similar style but his has a few more bells and whistles (although mine actually has a cute little bell and his does not). This bike has road bike tires on it and a super light aluminim frame (mine is light too, but his is lighter!) I doubt he has taken the time to name it though.

Peachie was very curious as to why we kept coming in and out to grab things and stand out in the cold to take pictures.
Here she is investigating through the window!
After many pics of our new toys we were very excited to take them for an inaugural bike ride! I piled on running tights, an under armour mock neck top, pull over jacket, gloves, and an ear band. We rode about 1/2 mile before turning back due to cold fingers. John grabbed his ski gloves while I just layered on a 2nd pair and swapped for a warmer ear band. Wish I had also grabbed my ski gloves, it was SOOO cold!!!!
We ended up riding 6 miles in total. 1 mile at first before our glove stop and then we went back out for 5 miles which went by SUPER quick! We had wanted to ride down to my Mom's house, but we thought it was just too cold, so we hung out closer to the apartment. I had a chance to accurately use the biking feature on my Garmin today and it did an accurate job of calculating our mileage as well as our keeping time and calories, I am still SO in love with the Garmin!!!
We had a blast on our ride and are very much looking forward to hitting some trails over the next few weekends. I think Sunday bike rides will replace Sunday recovery runs or at least be an addition to them! I am SO exctied and finally realized today that I am officially turning into a fitness junky. I have accumulated so many sport specific things, Garmin, dry fit only workout clothes (which I truly believe are essential) and loads more.
I can honestly say that I am really happy with everything and where I am right now. I may not be the fastest or best runner, biker, etc, but I love getting out there and being active and sweating out all the stresses of everything else. I can honestly say this is the happiest I have been since graduating from college and being thrown into the real world, and I think it is because I have something that I do for myself and that I really enjoy, and my first 18 months working I wasn't doing that at all. I am more than happy to be the freak that gets up at 5am to run 10 miles in 45 degree weather, because its fun for me!
Ok enough mushi-ness...After our bike ride I decided I wasn't ready to sit down and relax so I headed out to get gas, grab some bananas, and go to Borders. At first I grabbed a HUGE stack of running books and sat down and skimmed through most of them.

I ended up bringing home the new issue of Runner's world and 1 book that I am excited to read. I did receive a 2 year subscription for Runner's world for Xmas, but the first issue won't come for 6-8 weeks so I grabbed this issue to make sure I didn't miss it!

Once home I was Starving again, so I started getting dinner ready. We had already decided to make burgers for dinner to I got them ready and threw them on the grill. John also wanted some french fries and baked beans.

My plate had about a 4 ounce burger with 3/4 a slice of chedder cheese topped with honey mustard, ketchup, and white onion on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin! I had about 20 french fries and about 1/3 a cup of Bush's Baked Beans. I was super stuffed and didn't finish the fries or beans.
After dinner I switched out some laundry and chopped up my veggies for my lunches this week. I snacked on some grape tomatoes and a class of milk.
Then came my nightly bath so I could crack open my new Runner's World :) and then I put away TONS of laundry. I am about to hit the sack so I can muster up enough energy for my first day back to work tomorrow. Since Monday's are our rest day, I am going to try something new in the morning... YOGA.
Wish me luck!!!!

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