Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mental Tuesday

So today has been a mental day. I was not at all prepared for all the things that were thrown at me today, and it has now taken its toll. JOhn and I will be heading to the gym at 9pm for our 3 mile instead of embracing the first day of somewhat normal temperatures. I have let everything psych me out today, and it bums me out that I couldn't push past all the crap and frustration and do what I wanted and what I had planned.

Now that my Debbie Downer moment is over, I have managed to get all my schoolwork done today, and accomplished my other fun to-do for today. I am also proud of myself that after all the crap and disappointments that I am still heading to the gym for some exercise. Part of it I know if due to my restless legs, and the other part is probably due to the motivating factor of the Gator Basketball game on ESPN.

I also managed to get myself into some trouble today...I had to print off our registration forms for our next race and I also managed to (I think) finalize our spring race schedule for this year. We will be racing through May, and then taking a race break until September. So I took it upon myself to find several TRIATHALONS to add to the schedule! I am already set on a local one for June 19th, BUT there is one that looks VERY tempting...

Location: The Flora-Bama in Orange Beach

This Triathalon is located at the GLAMOROUS Flora-Bama and I think it would be FANTASTIC!
1/4 mile swim
15 mile Bike Ride
4 mile run

The catch- its on April 17th, that would be a lot to do in a 3 months, lets see if I can do it!!!!
Off to Watch Biggest Loser and head for the Treadmill!

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