Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New TV Tuesday

So for those who live under a rock, tonight is the season premiere of Season 9 of the Biggest Loser. I have only ever seen parts of the show in passing, but I love seeing the after results- so as another motivator for me to lose my last 14 lbs and to have something fun to watch on Tuesdays, Biggest Loser is going to be my new show to watch!

Today was a pretty busy day at work and the afternoon went by pretty quickly. I had my normal eats today and am far too distracted to post pictures right now.

It is still FREEZING in Jacksonville and they were saying that we MIGHT get some light snow flurries before the week is over. I seriously doubt that as it is Florida, but to even hear it today is SHOCKING!

Off to watch my new show! Update tomorrow morning!

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