Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lots of licking

Happy Tuesday to all, the week is moving along here, has been a tad wierd and now busy but moving on none the less.

I am happy to see that my running bug has started to rub off on Several friends, 2 of which have already registered for their first races. I wish everyone the best of luck, and hope what little insight I have may help you along the way.

Today I had normal eats, but when it came time for my afternoon snack I had only a couple minutes before a meeting and grabbed a Luna Bar I had in my desk for emergencies. It was a chocolate flavor and I was nervous it would be really chocolatey and make my mouth very dry and gross. The total opposite happened.

This bar was amazing a light chocolate and rasberry flavor- nothing overwhelming and nothing too sweet. It had almost like rice krispy pieces in the middle and I just thought it was fantastic. There will definitely be more of these my future!!!
So tonight when I got home from work we were supposed to do 3 miles and I wasn't really feeling it, but I was dying to try out my running skirt that I bought last week. So I told John that we would go and turn around when I lost my focus. We talked pretty much the whole way about work, our next possible big race, and whatever else.

The running skirt was great on its trial run. It seems to be a tad bigger than I expected, but I think rolling it up once will do the trick and keep the legs from moving. I really liked it and plan to take it on our long run this weekend think. Please excuse the funky irridecent look, we have wierd lighting.

We did all 3 miles despite all the mucus running around my head and actually achieved negative splits aka got faster with each mile. Although we were definitely moving slow the first mile so it was easy to improve.

I was excited to have The Biggest Loser on tonight to watch, and I kept hearing a strange noise. I turned around and saw this...

Normally Peachie will lick her bed while she is sitting in it licking her foot which she is obsessive about, but tonight she was going to town on the bed.

I was also able to capture this wonderful experience on video for those dog lovers out there

Ok, off to see who gets voted off the biggest loser. See ya Wednesday!

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