Saturday, January 23, 2010

Matanzas 5k

Happy Saturday morning to all! John and completed the Matanzas 5k this morning.
We went, we ran, and now we're home.

Last night I laid out all my stuff for this morning. I knew it was supposed to be cooler so I laid out 2 outfits, 1 for a slight chill and one for a little colder and more wind protection.

I ended up going with the warmer, it was 52 at race time with about 10mph winds. Although it was quite sunny and I think I would have been fine either way.

I had a normal-ish breakfast this morning. 2 slices of toast, 1 with PB and one with Apple Butter. My throat was a tad scratchy so I mad a cup of tea to try and relax it.

I always hate leaving the little Peach on the weekends since we leave her for the majority of the week, but she didn't really seem to notice we were going, and we left her in this spot...

I threw a wind breaker on when we headed out for the car ride, stay warm while I could.

I opted not to carry my camera or phone with me today, so there are not ANY race pictures. John managed to snag one on his phone, but it was NOT pretty so I will spare you that one.

When the gun went off, it only took us abotu 20 seconds to cross the mats and things thinned out pretty well. We passed a couple people but I felt like we started in a good spot. I was on a mission to make sure I not only finished in "Under 30 minutes" which was my ultimate goal, but in my head I also wanted to average about a 9:15pace which means I needed to be done in about 29 minutes.

We hit mile 1 and Garmin beeped an 8:40 first mile. I felt good, but knew I wasn't going to hold 8:40 the rest of the way. I slowed a tad to about 9:00 pace to keep some energy and kept on going. This was about the time I lost John, but we agreed days ago we were on our own for this one, and it was go as fast as you can and don't look back.

I had an awesome playlist for this race that I worked on this week, and strategically put my favorite pump up songs at about the time I should hit each mile mark and then the last 1/2 mile. I knew I would need some pump ups then and it worked to my advantage to hear those songs exactly when I needed them.

At about mile 1.5 we pulled away from the water front and started looping back through the Flagler College area and on cobblestone roads. The cobblestone didn't faze me but the bright sun was getting me. I never got hot or overheated but annoyed at how much I was sweating and that I opted not to bring my sunglasses.

I walked through the water station that was right mast the 2 mile mark. I am not awesome enough to run through the water stations and not choke or spill all my water so I took a couple seconds to get some water and regain some composure. I took off again after my water and held close to a girl I had been using as a pacer for the last 1/2 mile or so. I got to mile 2 1/2 at about 23 minutes but had also gotten an AWFUL side cramp and told myself to slow down for 10-15 seconds because I knew I had to be able to finish this last half mile right on pace.

The last 10th of a mile was rough and as much as I was trying to push harder and finish fast I felt like my legs were moving so slow. I was convinced I looked like a slow loser crossing the finish line, but after looking at the Garmin stats it looks like I did speed up some- shocking!!!

I finished in 28:55 accomplishing both goals I set for myself today. I was happy with my time but feel like if I had paced myself a little better through mile 2 I would have finished better and probably a few seconds faster too.

BUT... I am SO excited! This is a new PR for me, by several minutes and its good to know all this training is working! The race breakdown looked like this:

Total Time- 28:55
Average Pace- 9:13

Mile 1- 8:40
Mile 2- 9:14
Mile 3- 9.51
Last .14- 1:09

I am very pleased with my stats and am SO excited for our half marathon which is 4 weeks from tomorrow!!!!
After the race we headed for the car and came home. We are thankful to have literally NO plans for the remainder of the weekend, except to teach Peachie to master this trick...

We are trying to teach little Peach to sit like a MierCat, ahahha! So much fun.

We are off to hit Tijuana for lunch! Have a great Saturday!

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