Saturday, January 23, 2010

Would you like 9 miles with that?

2 posts on a Saturday, y'all should feel special. Or maybe its because the tv is still dead and the computer is becoming my new favorite electronic. Behind the Garmin and iPhone of course!

After I made it home to relive my race details, John and I headed to Tijuana Flats for some lunch. I ordered 2 soft tacos with a side of chips and salsa. I managed to get through taco 1, but taco 2 I could barely finish the insides. I did have about 1/3 of the chips and salsa.

Once home from Flats, I checked our official race results only to be bummed out that my average pace was more like 9:21 than 9:13- Garmin marked an extra .04 miles and apparently that creates a BIG difference when calculating average pace- not so happy with how that 9:21 looks now :(

I did some reading and then got SO bored I told John we had to go grocery shopping! We went to Costco and Publix for all the usual culprits and also brought home a HUGE case of oranges which I have been obsessed with lately. I also pickede up some yummy looking soup I plan to try for lunch this week.

While we were out we decided we would go to the gym to watch the Gator Basketball game at 6pm and would do some leisurely cardio for the 2 hours we would be there, so we knew we would need an early dinner to make sure we made it through those 2 hours. Once home, John wanted burgers so I threw a few together and 5pm dinner was had- I felt like such a senior citizen! I had a small 4 ounce burger with about an ounce of shredded chedder, honey mustard and ketchup-mmmm!

We made it to the gym right at 6pm and I had decided that I would do tomorrow's scheduled 6 mile run tonight on the treadmill. John's leg has been bothering him so he will be taking a few days off from running so I figured a great way to get these 6 miels out of the way since I was doing it alone.

With a great playlist running and the basketball game holding my attention I did the first 4.5 miles at an easy 10 minute pace and had to stop for a bathroom break. Once back I did another 2.5 miles to make it 7 miles which sounds better than 6 anyways. I slowed down after that and walked for 2 more miles until the game was over. I stopped the treadmill at an hour and 47 minutes, with 35 seconds left in the game. At this point I figured maybe 2 minutes max until the game was over, so I would just stretch for 2 minutes. Well those 35 seconds on the clock turned out to be a 5 minute buzzer beater with the Gators winning!

Now home, tired and sweaty. I realized I did 12.1 miles total today: 3.1 this morning, 7 mile treadmill run followed by 2 miles of hill walking, and man my legs are tired. John is out searching for a movie to watch and I think I am going to have a chocolate chip cookie, a bath, and a magazine- what a fabulous Saturday night!

Tomorrow morning we have big plans for a bike ride and weights. We both have built a strength training regimin that we hope to stick with and Sunday will be our legs day. See y'all in the AM!

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