Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mushrooms are like my meat

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, I am personally exhausted. After waking up this morning John and I headed up to the gym for some weights. We are both very serious about getting back into a strength training routine, so hopefully we can keep it up.

Today I did legs, I think it will be helpful when it comes to running both in making me stronger and faster, also toning up the legs certainly can't hurt, right? I pushed myself pretty hard this morning but tried to keep the weight manageable, the last thing I want is to wake up tomorrow and not be able to walk.

After our gym session we headed home for a quick breakfast and then set out for what is becoming our routine Sunday morning bike ride. 

We had planned to do 20 miles, but it was SOOO windy and was slowing us down and killing our already worn out legs, so we took a couple short cuts and cut the ride a little short.

Still was a solid ride, almost 19 miles. I have been wanting to work on increasing my average pace and make it seem effortless, but with the wind, today was not the day.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and what not. I went to the mall to browse and was ecstatic to find out I have dropped another pants size, making that 2 sizes down now- yay! I didn't buy anything but its nice to know all the hardwork is actually working.

Once John made it back from Lawtey we were debating going to see our friends to watch the last playoff game, but we both were too exhausted so John brought out one of our other tvs to hook up to the cable box and surround sound to watch the game.

Even though it looks like hard work, he did it pretty easily. If I had known it was so easy to do, I would have made him do this yesterday. Its so small compared to our normal 55 inch, but it will make due til our new bulb arrives.

Peachie was quite concerned with this new contraption that has arrived as well as caused us to rearrange all the furninture. She took plenty of time to investigate...

I spent the better part of the evening cutting veggies for the week, and getting some dinners prepared.
I sliced cucumbers and green bell peppers for my lunches.Then cut up some kiwi and mango to freeze for yogurt toppings (I was really excited to do this). I love being able to have yummy topping for morning yogurt bowls or to put on top of ice cream.

It was also my first time cutting mango and apparently there is a big piece of sheet rock that acts as the pit or seed and it was getting really annoying and I mangeled part of the mango, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing.

After the fruit and veggies I cut up chicken and more veggies to make kabobs for dinner tomorrow night. I love that everything is all cut and marinating and that I will be able to just throw it on tomorrow night. I also made some chicken salad to take for lunch this week one day- maybe Tuesday.

I then decided it was dinner time, and all I wanted was some veggies, hence this came to fruition...

I had a small yellow squash sliced and broiled and an entire container or sliced portobelo mushrooms! The mushrooms are so filling and meaty that I told John they can replace my meat every day! 50 mushrooms is only 110 calories and 19 grams of protien- can't beat that.

After eating John and I folded laundry while watching White Out that we had gotten from redbox, it was ok, scary at times, and a little confusing. We are now watching OT of the football game and my eyelids are very heavy. Maybe someone will wake me with the final score...

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  1. Hey! Ok, so I had to comment on the mangos... I love them but DREAD cutting them, they end up being slippery and when you cut them it is a chore! Oh, and I love mushrooms too. Jason can not stand them because he can't get passed the fungi idea, so I do not get to eat them as much as I could.

    Oh and CONGRATS on the two pant sizes!! woohoo, hard work DOES pay off :)