Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Hello all, Ten Things Tuesday is back! It’s been a busy busy week so far, so hopefully I can get you up to speed.

1.  I did get myself out of bed today for an AM run, 5am felt easy.

2.  I was hoping to get in 5 miles this morning, but my legs were tired and never woke up so I ran 3.5 miles and did 20 minutes of cross training.

3.  I am going to play Lady in charge on Thursday for my mom and her running partner. They are hoping to beat 35 minutes for a 5k next weekend, and we need to get them up to speed.

4.  I already found myself tapping back into my coaching skills and mentality once we set this date for Thursday, I think I miss my college coaching days, and realized today it has been over 2 years since I last coached :( So Sad!

5.  I have found a new guilty snack that I have been sneaking all week…


Dried Tart Cherries~ I am a huge fan of the dried cherries, if you haven’t tried these, you need to, but be
careful, they are addicting!

6.  I had my appointment to get my hair done after work today, it was great, I love the girl that does my hair. It is a teeny bit lighter than usual, but I think I can pull it off :)

7.  After dinner tonight I decided that I needed ice cream, so John indulged my craving and took me for a sweet treat…


8.  This little dessert was worth every mile I have to run to work it off, White chocolate + mini dark chocolate chips :)

9.  Tomorrow I am getting in my first speed work in 2 weeks! Can’t believe its been that long- I am excited!

10.  I think I am going to get new run shoes this weekend, it’s about that time again. I am considering mizunos, does anyone have any mizuno experience???

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  1. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. It's one of my fav things.