Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco Bloggies! I have to wish a Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Best Friend Laura!!!


3 years ago today she married her Prince Charming, and it was amazing!



I miss you very much friend! I hope to see you soon!!!!

As promised I woke up with the alarm today feeling refreshed and ready to run! I did 4.5 Miles total, and a little quicker than needed. Today was supposed to be an easy day, but no complaints about the speed.

1/2 Mile warm-up-  10:00

Mile 1-  9:44

Mile 2-  9:26

Mile 3-  9:09

Mile 4-  8:40

I am really becoming a huge fan of the negative split, and I think it will come to be the saving grace during my marathon.

I am pleased to say I think I have gotten to a good place with my training plan as far as mileage and just need to start adding intervals and time expectations- but I am itching for 6 weeks from now when marathon training will commence!

Even with my run this morning, I had time to hop on iTunes to download a few songs I had been wanting. John, who has become a recent lover of podcasts, mentioned to me they also had several podcasts about marathon training…well of course I jumped on that!!!

I actually listened to one today while taking Peachie on her evening walk. It was a “how to avoid hitting the wall”. I LOVED that these podcasts offer you insight into aspects of marathon training and racing from people who have been there and succeeded, it certainly helps answer some questions and ease a few fears I have, and leaves me so excited to get to the start line and be able to say I am a marathoner!

Tonight, I skipped the Cinco de Mayo festivites and had a glass of wine instead of a margarita


John had his dose of tex-mex, but I just had a pizza sandwich- yum! Tomorrow I am off to do a 3 mile warm-up with my mom and her secretary followed by 3 miles of speedwork- I am getting super excited for my 10k, now only 26 days away!!!


  1. So sweet! Thanks for the mention on the blog! Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Podcasts, huh? I will definitely have to check those out!