Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello Hello! Today was an orientation Monday at work which is very atypical and totally threw of my mental schedule going into the week.

The rest of our weekend was good, lots of driving, family, eating and some sun by the pool. I did get in a 5 mile run with my mom yesterday for Mother’s Day. She really enjoyed it, and has really started to get comfortable with a faster pace. We did 5 miles in just under an hour.

I went to bed last night with the insistence that I HAD to get all my runs in before work every day this week, my schedule is too up in the air this week to know when I will get home each night, kind of eliminating the possibility of good evening runs.

Well Monday morning 5am came and my legs were tight and tired. I did weights yesterday afternoon in addition to my 2 runs this weekend and thought I might just need to take the day off. I was sore, stressed, and tired and just did not have the motivation in me. I was pretty bummed, normally Monday’s roll around and I am stoked to get in my 1st run for the week, it always starts my weeks off on a good note.

After work I had 0 motivation to run at all, I knew if I even geared-up and made it out the door I wouldn’t make it for more than 2 minutes which is sad because the weather was perfect. So I made John come with me to the gym, and told myself I had to put in 10 minutes and if I still felt exhausted and wanted to stop, then I could. Well as soon as I walked into my normal Cardio Theater room and got on my favorite treadmill, I spotted a girl who is an evening regular on the treadmill next to me. She was running at 6.4 which is .1 over my normal warm-up pace, and .1 under my comfortable pace. Well I did a short 6.3 warm-up and then my type A kicked in, and I had to be going at least .1 faster than the person next to me…and so began a perfect tempo run :)

I had a 4 mile tempo run on my schedule for today, but will all my bad attitude I figured any run was a vast improvement, and a tempo just was going to have to wait until tomorrow. Well as I approached the end of mile 1, I was alert and feeling great so I kicked it up to run the planned tempo (2 miles @8:40 pace) ….and I smoked it!!!

4 miles-  36:05,  1% incline, avg. pace 9:01

Mile 1-  9:40
Mile 2-  8:38
Mile 3-  8:34
Mile 4-  9:13

Yeah it was awesome, and really cemented that I have a realistic goal for my 10k which is 3 weeks from today! I am pumped for my run tomorrow morning, hopefully it will also be epic. Today’s run I think was twice as good because I overcame the lack of motivation and lethargy and it really paid off, these are the runs that give you that high that is unlike any other, and keep my going back day after day.

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  1. Nice job last night! Sometimes those are the hardest runs. For me, waking up early is hard, but once I'm out the door, I'm good to go. I guess kind of like once you got on the treadmill last night. Hope you had a great run this morning, too!! :)