Thursday, May 20, 2010


The weekend is so close I can smell it! This weekend if full of big plans, which I will get to in a second. I have felt unnecessarily tired this week, almost woozy. At first I thought it was several harder runs + a little less sleep, but when I got almost dizzy today I decided maybe I am not eating enough for all the miles I am running. I eat a ton of fruit, some veggies, lots of yogurt, a few carbs but not a ton. Any advice on battling the exhaustion is welcome. I think I need to spend some time researching some better diet plans before I start marathon training because I have a feeling if I keep it where I am right now it could go!

Back to more normal conversation, this morning I got up before the crack of dawn again to go meet my mom and her running partner for 3.5 miles of warm-up for me, a "fake-race" for them. We did 3.1 miles total with a 1/2 mile warm-up but we all know I like round numbers so 3.5 total it was.

Next up came my own personal speedwork session. Normally I pick a distance for my speedwork sessions and just do between 4 and 8 repeats. Today I opted for something a little different, something that Jaime had detailed in my marathon training plan that she has helped me with. I made a slight modification, mostly to get in the mileage I wanted. So here is what I had planned

400, 800, 1600, 800, 400
With 400 recovery at 9:13 pace after 400s and 800s. 2 minutes rest after the 1600

Goal Times:  400's- 1:53,  800's- 4:00,  1600- 8:20
Actual Times:  1:52, 3:57, 8:09, 3:53, 1:49

I was really pleased with how I did, the first 400 and 800 felt fine, and even the mile in the middle wasn't bad, I almost felt like I should have been pushing harder. The 2nd 800 was probably the toughest, but after about 10 seconds into my recovery lap I felt ok again. I ended up rounding out the day at 7 miles and 21 so far for the week, it so strange to think how that use to be my weekly mileage total.

So for the weekend, there is a lot on board. Tomorrow night I have 1 errand to run after work and then John and I have a low key dinner and a movie night planned.

Saturday I will be getting up at the ususal hour and meeting Penny who is in town this weekend for 12 mile run. I am excited to see her, its been a while, and to have the speed demon herself kick my butt into gear for my race next weekend. After the run I have to head into the office for a few hours :( But then I am headed to Lawtey to celebrate by the pool with the Birthday Girls!

That's right! Penny and Peaches share a birthday. Peachie was born on Penny's 21st birthday, and I am excited to celebrate with both of them at Hotel Bloom this Saturday!

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  1. GREAT job on your speed work!! We may have to kick your speed sessions up a notch if you're already dominating them before training starts!

    Hope you and Penny have a great weekend! I'm jealous I cannot join you guys for your 12 miler. I have a solo 15 miler here in Tampa :(