Thursday, May 6, 2010

Broke Garmin

It's almost Friday!!! I am excited for my busy busy weekend, lots going on Saturday...

So this morning I woke up at 4:40 to head down and meet the ladies for 3 miles. Well I pulled Garmie off the charger and she wouldn't even roll over. I had a minor meltdown and finally decided to head out without it. I used the map my run app on my phone- it worked great, but was no Garmie :(

I was originally planning to follow-up the easy 3 mile run with 3 miles of intervals. It was so humid this morning that even 3 super easy miles left me disgustingly sweaty and with no towel I was not about to head to the gym to sweat to death some more when I was already saturated. Plus I had another Garmin meltdown on the drive back towards the house/gym.

Once home, I started to pull out the instruction manual and was going to flip through it and then remembered something I had actually seen on another running blog... "If it's 5am and your Garmin won't turn on, hold the mode and lap/reset button simultaneously." Poof, Garmie turned on, charged and perfectly healthy, 3rd meltdown averted.

I managed to get several errands checked off my list this morning while listening to a podcast in the car about long run preparations. It was entertaining, I am excited to get into some more. I ate a lot of crap! I stole some french fries from a co-worker, has 2-100 calorie packs of Oreo crisps + all the usual eats, and I am feeling like a bit of a fat ass, especially since I skipped the last 3 miles of my run this morning. I might suck it up and try to squeeze in a couple legitimate miles once I leave work soon. But maybe not, and I will go to spinning tomorrow morning, that sounds like a much better option, spin and sweat out the chocolate- much better idea!

***Edit- I did opt for 2 easy miles when I got home since John was working.
2 Miles- 18:25
Mile 1-  9:24
Mile 2-  9:01

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