Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday- Running Treasures

It's Tuesday! After a few discussions with some other runners last week and this weekend, I came to the conclusion that there are just certain things that make my running experiences happier and even though I could live without them, I certainly would not want to. So here are my 10 running treasures, and of course we will start with the most important...

1. Garmin!!!

Garmie has become an extension of my arm when I am running, and as dumb as it sounds I really attribute my increased speeds to my Garmin. Since I am getting my pace in real time, it helps me focus on what to maintain and keep pushing so that eventually what used to be hard is now easy, being able to see my heart rate also tells me when I am getting to a plateau at a certain pace and should be pushing myself more. Mine was a Christmas gift, but from what I have seen and heard Amazon has the best prices. I read a lot of reviews and decided on mine based off postive reviews and a screen I could read while running.

2.  Wicking Socks

Yes it may seem a tad rediculous to most that I spend the money (and time) hunting down wicking or dry-fit socks, but they have been worth every penny! I have never has any issues with blisters, calluses or the jacked-up toenails that many runners get. I attribute a lot of my foot preservation to my socks and really think if you are a serious runner that are definitely worth the investment. I get many of my socks at TJMaxx/Marshalls, but my Thorlo socks I get at Sports Authority, those are the most expensive ones which I usually save for longer runs and races.

3.  My Running Shoes

Fitting right in with my love of the socks comes the shoes. I have been lucky to pick the correct shoes from the beginning, and not have any unnecessary feet/ankle/leg issues. What's funny is I keep looking for something different/lighter/smoother, but as I learned this weekend I have found a winner with my shoes! I always get them at a specialty running store to make sure I am buying the right shoe for my gait and being fitted properly- super important for distance runners!!!

This past weekend I bought my shoes that will start my marathon training with me, while that specific pair  probably won't last to see marathon day, they are still loved, so here is a sneak peak...

4. Sports Bras

So when I first started running I used to think the seamless colorful sports bras from target were a fantastic idea, umm not so much for me. I have gone pretty much exclusively to the high impact sports bras, and now save the seamless stretchy ones for bike rides. I have found great deals on the high impact bras at Target, Marshalls/TJ Maxx and Sports Authority on occasion. Most of mine are champion that I get for $12.99 at Marshalls, and they are reversable, can't beat that!

5. Nike Tempo Shorts

These guys are my loves, and I am sad I couldn't rank them higher, but priorities right. I LOVE nike tempos and thus why I own a bajillion pairs! they are comfy, easy, cute, lightweight and dry pretty quickly for those of us sweat-drenched Florida Runners. If you don't own a pair of these, go buy some immediately! Great deals on Eastbay, Running Warehouse, and Sports Authority will often have last seasons colors discounted.

6.  Dry fit Racerbacks

So yes I am one of those girls who also like to look put together (or at least normal) when I am running. I do typically match, although most of my shirts are white or black, kind of hard to mess that one up(but I did pull out the very few colors I had to show you)! I much prefer racerback dry-fit tops to most other things. They line up with my sports bra so I don't get too rediculous of tan lines while running in the Florida sun, and yes, that is my primary love of the racer back, minimal tan lines that can be covered by your hair. Short sleeves leave bad tan lines so unless its cold or I'm indoors, racerback it is. Oh yeah Dry fit...obviously that part speaks for itself. Target, Sports Authority, Marshalls when they carry the good stuff. I am kind of a snob here, I know what I like and what works- Target brand, Nike, and sometimes Under Armour- I really should branch out.

7.  Hat/Sunglasses

Keeping in line with the rediculous tan lines mentioned above, when running in the sun (or rain) I like to be able to see and not get wierd lines on my face so hat and glasses to the rescue. I love this hat, I bought it at Marshall's (seeing a trend here) for $7.99 and its perfect- I wish I had bought a 2nd so I have a replacement when this one bites it. It is the same dry-fit material as most technical shirts and is adjustable, my only 2 requirements.

The glasses work for now, they are a pair of Oakleys that John bought me years ago for my birthday. I really like them and they work fine, but they do move a bit of my face. I would recommend getting more specialized running glasses that stay in place.

8. Nathan Handheld Water Bottle

This littel guy rocks my world! I bought it not too long ago at Dick's Sporting Goods for $16.99, I know you can get them at any running store, or order online. I used to rarely run with water except on long runs where I took my camelbak, but with increasing temps that isn't an option, so enter plan B. I really detest carrying things when I run, but this just kind of hangs on my hand and I use luke-warm water so the bottle doesn't sweat- I hate that too! I really recommend this for any runner who runs more than 3 miles regularly, it was worth the investment and I use it on every outdoor run now.

9.  The Running Skirt

If you are a girl runner and do not own a running skirt, you should! I have 3 to date, but really plan to add more to my rotation, like this one from this weekend!!! I seriously keep thinking about it...

I have gotten 2 of my 3 skirts at Sports Authority and the other at TJ Maxx. I have not payed full price for any of them, but as much as I like them I would totally be willing to pay full price for one that fits well and is made well. All 3 of mine are Nike, and I doubt I would buy another brand.

10. Fuel

Probably my favorite mid-run fuel is sport beans...or Gu Chomps, I actually can never decide which I like better, it varies. I use these on really long runs that I am trying to do under race conditions to see how my body reacts, but sometimes on a medium long-run or something more casual I will take gummi snacks or gu which is often cheaper.

I get sport beans and Gu chomps usually at Dick's or the running shop, but those are the only 2 places near us that carry them. I can sometimes find them on sale at Marshalls or TJM (totally random) and when I do I buy 'em up... all of them. They often think I am nuts, but $1 a bag cheaper can't be beat.

So there you have it my 10 necessites of running. Question to you: What are some of your necessities, or anything I may have over-looked????


  1. Hmmm, necessities? Definitely my Asics and my new sunglasses. Loving them.

  2. First and foremost, most definitely my garmin! balega socks, booty shorts :), sports bras, gu, ipod! Obviously, my shoes. Otherwise, I'm good to go. I do like my morning coffee before hand, too!!