Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jam Packed Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! Summer has arrived a few weeks early here in Florida making for some hot and humid running weather. I have a billion things I am doing today so I am going to make it snappy.

Yesterday after work John and I had plans for a little date night. We had some delayed mexican food for dinner, hit up Borders for a book I wanted (which they didn't have) and see a movie.

Iron Man 2 it was! John and I both really liked it, it was engaging and comical the entire time, the 2 hours just flew by. I highly recommend you see this one, it's even worth the $8 to see it in theaters.

Once the movie ended I pretty much came home and got to bed, since I knew I had an early morning and a big day planned. I started today with the usual 5am wake-up call, but did not have any desire to get up and run. I got my butt out of bed, had a Luna bar and got dressed. Still lacking motivation I sat down for a minute and thought of Penny running her Half Marathon today up in Indiana. If she was up getting ready to run after a full day of work and travel yesterday I could get my butt out to run. Thanks for the motivation.

12 miles were on the schedule, and when I first started my run, 2 hours later seemed so far away, but things started to progress quickly, and before I knew it I was at mile 6...Halfway!!! I stopped at mile 6 to refill my water, and have some sport beans. My stomach had not felt great the last couple miles, but while stopped the sport beans seemed to help, maybe I was just hungry. I noticed random stomach talkings at a few other points in the last 6 miles, but nothing that caused me to stop or slow down.

I started back up again a little slower than I had left off, which was kind of annoying, but I made a very concious effort this morning to go easy and comfortable on this long run so I could make sure I got an accurate idea of my pace for long runs. Not once on today's run did it feel hard or did I feel exhausted and over-worked. I could tell in the last mile or so that my legs were getting tired, but cardiovascularly I was handling the increased paces fine. Now its just time to get my legs to thinking 12 is easy. I managed to finish really strong, running the last 3 miles around my goal half-marathon pace. It felt good, so I am excited to see if I can improve my time in 2 weeks.

12 Miles--> 1:53:11, avg pace 9:26

Mile 1-  10:00
Mile 2-  9:55
Mile 3-  9:45
Mile 4-  9:33
Mile 5-  9:24
Mile 6-  9:13
Mile 7-  9:40
Mile 8-  9:25
Mile 9-  9:15
Mile 10-  9:13
Mile 11-  9:02
Mile 12-  8:46

I didn't have too much time to stretch after I was done which I know I will regret tomorrow. A quick shower and breakfast later I was off to work where I am for another few hours and then we are heading to Gainesville to celebrate Mother's Day with my family and then back to Lawtey to see John's and pick up our puppy :)

Penny beat her goal time of 1:40 for her half marathon today!!!!! Make sure you head over to her blog and congratulate her! I am expecting her to BQ her first marathon this fall to give me a good excuse to head to Boston in April ;)

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  1. 12 miles! Go you! That's awesome.