Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday- Playing Catch up

Happy Tuesday all, this week has been a bit crazy and my posting a bit off, so here is my attempt to catch you up on the last 2 days.

1. Per usual, yesterday was crockpot Monday, I had been craving chili, but opted for chicken chili instead of my traditional recipe. It was pretty good, but I prefer my ground turkey.

2. Despite the fact that I slept in on Monday morning I still got in my intended 6 mile run last night. It felt great, and I think is my favorite training run distance at the moment. I am loving 6 miles right now.

3. For that 6 mile run, I made it into a short tempo, 2 miles easy, 2 miles at tempo pace, 2 miles easy. It resulted like this.

2 miles easy- 18:37 (9:19 pace)
2 mile tempo- 17:13 (8:37 pace)
2 miles easy- 18:31 (9:16 pace)

4. I have been super struggling with my energy level the last week of so, specially when I do an evening workout followed by a morning run. I thought I had made some improvements the last few days, but no such luck.

5. When I started my run this morning, my tummy was already yelling at me, well after about 2.5 miles I was tired, shakey, and getting a headache, so I called it a day at 2.5 and went home and had a huge breakfast.

6. 2.5 miles done in 23:49, really slow, easy run. I think I am finally getting the rhythm of hard day/easy day etc. Tomorrow will be tough- I’m excited!

7. After work today I went with Heather to get a pedicure. We found the best place ever. They have complimentary snacks and beverages (including wine), use hot stones, parafin wax, and is a great price. I will be back!

8.  I am surprised I am able to form coherent sentences, as I am beyond enthralled in the Biggest Loser season finale, its awesome, you should watch it!

9.  I have a looooong weekend coming up, almost 4 days off work, Yay!!!

10.  I leave town in 2 days to go home to watch the baby of the family graduate, I am very excited. I am also majorly slacking and have not even begun to pack yet...whoops, better get to work!

See ya Wednesday!


  1. I like the Biggest Loser but I always forget what day it comes on, etc. And crock pot Monday sounds like a fabulous idea!!

  2. i still need to check out the biggest loser. i had class on tuesday and was majorly bummed to miss it. especially since nbc is awful about posting videos!