Monday, May 3, 2010


Monday is done and over, always a good thing. After pulling my schedule back up this morning I had 4 miles on the schedule, but I slept in today, still trying to make up for me erratic sleep schedule this past weekend.

After work I ended up getting to the gym about 20 minutes later than expected, and by then my brain was elsewhere and my energy was shot. I told myself if I ran hard I could drop to 3 miles, so I did.

3 Miles- 27:03, avg pace 9:01

Mile 1- 9:31
Mile 2-8:57
Mile 3- 8:34

I spent about 3 minutes with the foam roller, but better than nothing and came home to get busy.

Today I started to pull several training plans for my marathon and also started looking at some nutrition info, I figured if I am going to ask my body to work double time, I should probably make sure I am feeding it enough.

I have thrived with training schedules since I started running. It keeps me on track and disciplined, and I have been really successful in taking a few and building my own from it to fit my schedule and needs. Well today when I pulled a few to start comparing and building a schedule I found myself feeling Clueless!!!

Most of the beginner plans have 1 long-run per week, and 3-4 runs ranging from 3-8 miles over the course of the 18 weeks. The intermediate plans have the same long run and 4 other runs ranging from 5-10 miles. I feel like the latter would work best but it has my mileage up towards 50 miles per week, which some people swear is a bit high for a first marathon. When I tried to customize something to work for me, I found that the last 9 weeks (except the taper) were all hitting in about the same mileage (between 42 and 46 miles per week) which is still not right because I know you need to push, and increase and then recover every 3rd or 4th week. So at this point I was ready to give up...I Need Help!!! What is the proper mileage and distances to train at? Should I be doing 1 medium-long run each week or 2? Four, Five, or 6 days per week??? Should I do 2-a-days to get in a higher mileage day or is it best to log all miles at once? Again, HELP ME!!!!

Any and everyone out there please give me some adivce, anything you got, I am CLuELeSs!!!!!!

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