Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back on Track Tuesday

I hope everyone enjoyed their picture filled Ten Things Tuesday, I had a blast going through all my favorite stuff, it made me want to use it all ASAP, haha!

So in my original schedule I had an easy 5 mile run on the schedule for tonight, but I decided since last night was not as hard (read: painful) as it should have been I decided I needed to put in a tad more than just an easy effort tonight, besides, if you want to race faster, you have to train faster...Duh!!!!

So in my head I thought maybe I would do a progression run, not too hard, but get in a few quality and faster miles towards the end. Well I figured I would start out about 9:30 and drop 10-15 seconds each mile after that. Well we all know even with the best of intentions I never seem to do exactly what I tell myself...

5 Miles- 43:52 I think this is a 5 mile PR for me- it is certainly faster than my 5 Mile race last month (44:11)

Mile 1-  9:08
Mile 2-  8:52
Mile 3-  8:38
Mile 4-  8:51
Mile 5-  8:23

I'm not gonna lie, the first half of this run HURT. It was humid and hot I suppose, but I can't say I really noticed that as a factor, I was in the shade and had a slight slight breeze. But those 8:50's when they came felt hard, way harder than usual. The last mile suprisingly felt the easiest. I got a little discouraged about it to be honest, I was not sore, I came off a lower mileage week and a cross-training day Sunday- this run should have been great.

I know part of it could be because I didn't get in a true warm-up which is usually a 9:30 or higher first mile, so I know that didn't help, but I know I can run at that pace, and I am expecting to do it for 6.2 miles in 13 days, so I am hoping I can step it up. At the same time I keep thinking that those are still pretty fast times for me, pretty close to what I would expect a race to be (again, I am pretty sure that is a 5 mile PR) so maybe I should shut up and tell myself it should have been hard considering it was a 10k pace run pretty much.

Thank you for listening to my whining, but this is supposed to be about my running, and this is how my mind analyzes everything, somewhat critical, but usually ends up with some logical thinking in the end.

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