Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The List Maker

Happy Hump Day! I am so glad we are on the downhill track to the weekend. I have some big plans in store for the next few days, and any time that happens, I go into hyper type-A mode and the lists just start flying.

I am THAT girl who lives off lists and spreadsheets- hence the detailed training schedules and itemized lists that you frequently see on here. Keeping a visual of everything that needs to be done/packed/scheduled keeps me on top of my game. I went through and made about 4 lists today: schedule for tomorrow (which will be quite the buys day), packing list for the weekend, shopping list for my Publix stop this evening, and yet another packing list for my trip next week.

So I woke up super early today, like pre-5am to get in an easy 5 miles. Nothing too impressive here, my legs were a bit tired from 2 hard-ish days, especially yesterday's impromtu race. It was pretty humid this morning, at least 90% humidity, but I only noticed it for the first mile or so, after that I settled in fine, but my normal 9:00pace felt a tad labored so I slowed it down until mile 4 and then felt ready to pick it up again.

Suprisingly I am not dragging after such and early wake-up call, but I will be getting in bed early since I am doing it again tomorrow. Meeting my mom and her running parter at 5am to assist in one last 'pace run' before their 5k on Saturday. Then off to finish my run with the speed workout I have planned! See you Thursday!

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