Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Day Monday

Hope everyone’s Monday was a little bit drier than mine. It has been pouring here most all day, well at least during normal running hours (the opposite of normal business hours).

This morning I has wanted to get in a short 2-3 mile run and then I had my 3-4 miles of hill repeats for the evening. Well it rained this morning so I opted to sleep in and do all 5 miles after work.

Well I headed downtown after work to tackle the bridges, and boy were they tough! The first bridge was cake, the 2nd one, which I did twice was not so friendly, it was long, steep, and never-ending, but I managed 4 miles of nasty bridges, and considering what came next, no complaints.

4 Miles

Mile 1-  9:38

Mile 2-  9:11

Mile 3- 11:02 (we had to stop to wait for to cross the road)

Mile 4-  9:41

As I was getting towards the top of bridge 2, it started to rain, nothing too hard, I actually welcomed the rain and coolness that came with it, until mile 3 when it started to pour, not so fun. We called the run early, but I felt like I got a sufficient workout in, I just won’t go quite as easy tomorrow as originally planned.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of running in rain but in the hot weather, I bet its great!