Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To the Maxx

Happy Tuesday Everyone! My work week is officially half over, yay! Today was pretty productive for a Tuesday and I managed to put together a verwy detailed plan for the rest of the week!
This morning I woke, up had the usual breakfast of toast with PB and yogurt and blueberries. Went to work and it was a relatively slow and uneventful day. I took my hour lunch to try to accomplish some Christmas shopping with stores that happen to be up near my work, but I had no luck finding the gift I had in mind, oh well, there is always tomorrow:)
My afternoon wasn't any more eventful, and I was able to make it out of work right at 6pm. I ate all planned snacks and lunch today but did manage to steal 3 mini twix- sticks that made it into the office due to the Christmas Festivity.

Tonight we had a 4 mile run on the schedule which I was mentally not ready for when we headed out at 6:30pm, but once I started my watch and took my first few steps I saw John fly by me. I was a little annoyed at first why he was trying to go so fast as I knew I really needed a running companion to make it through this run, but I found myself keeping a very solid pace just to keep him in my sights. We hit our 1/2 mile mark in under 5 minutes and I felt good, thats when I knew I could finish the 4 miles AND do it pretty quickly! I hit mile 1 at 9:35 and John had passed almost a minute ahead of me. I finally caught him after another couple minutes as he had slowed down some and just kept pushing to the 2 mile mark. I hit 2 miles at 19:36 ( so a 10:01 time for mile 2). At this point I HAD to stop and stretch my calves (the are super sore from my leg workout on Sunday) I walked for a minutes before taking advantage that the next half mile back was ALL down hill. I made it to mile 3 at 29:36 (another 10 minute pace:) and then stopped to stretch and walk for 1 more minute. At that point I told myself I would run til the end and was REALLY hoping to make it at 40 minutes or less (or an average of a 10 minute pace for all 4 miles) I had to stop for about 30 second with a 1/2 mile left b/c I was getting really bad calf cramps, but managed to hit 4 miles at 40:03- SOOOO Close, but I am happy and will take it especially considering the calf pain! My goal before we ever started or even before I left work today was to do it in 42 minutes or an average of a 10:30 pace so I am VERY pleased!

Once home from our run, I got dinner started as I knew we would both be hungry within 15 mintues. Tonight's dinner was yummy and super filling. I made chipotle chile grilled chicken ( a tad spicy) and had some leftover green bean casserole from Turkey Day! We also made some flaky biscuits (per John's request)! It was sensational, and I am very sad I did not take a picture of my yummy plate! I also cooked up some mushrooms before they went bad and plan to eat them tomorrow night for dinner while at work.

We did however use our cure Christmas Plates for dinner which I pulled our Sunday will all of the other Christmas decorations.
Now, as I mentioned I went Xmas shopping at lunch and found no gifts, but I did find something else I was looking for...a Peachie Stocking!!!!!!
I found this adorable stocking at TJ Maxx (where else) for $6.99 and could not resist- besides she needed it anyways, where else was I going to put all of her goodies!

It looks SO pretty! Well, off to bed now, getting up at 5:15 for 5 miles, I was planning to be stuck on the t-mill, but John said he may just join me:)

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