Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas- Happy Wine Year

So here is the recap from tonight's work Christmas Dinner Outing!

I will start with documenting my eats! When we arrived ready to drink straight from work it was happy hour. Which means I got a Caraf (sp?) for the price of a glass. I ordered the house red as I knew it would last me a long time since I cannot drink red wine in a quick manner.

From there Apps were ordered. I had a small serving of each: Bruschetta and Calamari
I split this plate of calamari with a co-worker

And had a single slice of bruschetta. No contents of the bread basket were consummed by this attempted healthy blogger!!!
I ordered Seafood for dinner since I don't regularly make it at home. My dinner came with a salad, which I ordered a house salad with house dressing. It was a cream-based dressing MUCH to my surprise. I had about 3 bites and pushed it away! Lets not forget the NO white condiments or cream based condiments rule I have implemented!!!
When my entree arrived I was STOKED! I ordered a dish with shrimp and scallops (garlic butter sauce on the side) and the veggies (no butter) it was delish and I did manage to dip the shrimp/scallops in a small taste of the sauce as it was DELISH!!!!!!

From there began the excess wine consumption and the White Elephant Gift Exchange. We each were responsible for bringng a gift that we received that we no longer wanted and then played the "dirty santa" gift exchange until all presents were had. Needless to say it was great time with LOTS of stealing and fun! A close up of each co-worker!!!

Miss Heather!!!

The Blondies! Linda, Patti, Cathy

The boys- Nick and Barry
The Young People- Nick and I

Nick and Barry again

Nick Mocking his Run Rate

My first choice at a gift

Cathy;s First and Last gift

Barry having Lots' O' Fun

Heather with the gift I ended up with! We figured she would get more use out of the inflatable My-Size Marilyn Monroe and Elvis and that I would actually use the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook...We will see!!!!
WoW!!! This is a GREAT inside joke! We LOVE Cathy!!!!

Nick ended up with the handle of vodka I brought to pass off- God knows we will NEVER drink it in this house!!!! Glad someone and his wife will consume it after months of sitting here!

All in all it was a GREAT night!!!!! I work with a GREAT team!!!!

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