Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Recovery

So I haven't blogged since FRIDAY! I feel a little sad and behind, but I kept putting off this post because I knew it would be LONG!
So lets try to do a quick weekend summary.
Saturday John and I got up early, were denied a Whole Foods breakfast we were so happily anticipating:( and headed to downtown to watch the 2nd half of Gameday and head over to the Pre-game Gator hang out to watch the 12pm game. I am sure most of you know that the Florida game was pretty disappointing, but off to the Sugar Bowl we go. After our game we watched the late games from the house and vegged.
Sunday John and I got up, hit Panera again, and made it on the road to recover Peachie by 11am. We made it to Peachie by 4:15 with several stops included, so not bad at all! From the report we got she was a bit of a bully this weekend, and was absolutely wild when we picked her up- not a pleasant thing. Once we made it home, we unloaded the car, and I made a beeline for the Gym. I normally do a speed workout on Sundays but I knew I didn't have the motivation or energy for that. Instead I told myself I would do 30 minutes of whatever I could muster. I ran almost all of it, with some walking, more than I would normally walk, but not bad since I was able to get somehting in at least. I made a quick publix trip and came home to put it all away and prepare all the veggies for the week. We had a birdseye Steam fresh meal of chicken alfredo pasta with some veggies (and I added extra peas!). If you have not tried these frozen meals for 2 I HIGHLY recommend them. They are pretty healthy for frozen processed food and quite filling and tasty. I also managed to do all the unpacking, grab a bath and still be in bed by 9:40!!!!

So now we are up to Monday. It was HARD to get up this morning and I did not drag myself out of bed until 6:15! Yikes, and I had to be to work by 8am today. The boss was out again today which made it a leisurely yet productive day. I had an appointment tonight to get my hair done since it was an off night from running and it was certainly time to get in their and get it fixed. I LOVE the girl that does my hair and I enjoyed every minute of my appointment. Tonight was sweet and smoky chicken with peas (an inspiration from last night) and John wanted some cresent rolls. It was tasty meal and it was good to catch up on veggies, I missed them this weekend when I didn't get any.

To any blog readers out there I pose a question...Do you have to wash your hair again after coming back from the salon? I guess since I get my hair highlighted this has a lot to do with it, but I CANT stand the smell of the dye that is left lingering in my hair- smells like ammonia! I always wash it again when I Get home which is why I always tell them not to bother styling it as I will just wash it out. Does anyone else do this, or am I that wierd?

I am off to walk Peachie and crawl into bed! Night Night- fun news coming tomorrow of upcoming events!!!

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