Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekend of the year

So this is pretty much my favorite weekend of the year, there is something so fantastical about SEC weekend, and I cannot get enough of it.
So today, I slept in after being up late with Top Chef and I certainly needed the extra 30 minutes. Work went super quick this morning, but the last 3 hours really dragged as I was just SO ready for it to be the weekend. John and I then headed home to finish packing up, get some dinner and headed to Lawtey where Peachie will be vacationing for the weekend.

Tomorrow we are setting out quite early (between 5 and 5:30am) to get to ATL in time to enjoy our day off. We are preparing for some frigid temperatures this weekend with nothing higher than 45 degrees!
We opted out of our run for tonight and are planning for tomorrow once we arrive. The temps will be much better than at 7am on Saturday when it is 35 degrees!

I did manage to score some new jewelry this evening from Hotel Bloom and I am super excited to wear it. I am going to go watch the Women and head to bed!

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