Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recaps

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly had a wonderful 2 days! We celebrated 3 Christmases with each of the 3 families. We started Christmas Eve morning with picking up my Christmas present- my new iphone, I am Certainly obsessed, I love it! We then had Christamas Eve lunch with my mom and Michael and exchanged gifts!

John and I got my mom an ipod for Christmas, she has been running recently and from experience, when you start running for more than 5 minutes, you need an ipod! I got a orange and blue Pearl Necklace I had mentioned I really liked, and am REALLY excited to get to wear it next week for the bowl game! And of course, my annual gift of new PJs- this has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. After reading many blogs, it seems this is a tradition for many people!

After Christmas #1 we headed to Lawtey for Christmas Eve (Christmas #2). We visited with John's whole family- parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, get the picture. We had some muchies for dinner- I ransacked the fresh grapes and some cheese, but nibbled on a few other bites as well! I did manage to spend a great deal of time fussing over my new phone and playing with it until it was almost dead:)

We hung out for a while and finally turned in about midnight, quite late for me:) We were the first ones up Christmas morning (per usual) at about 7, and John and I got to making homemade cinnamon rolls! This was a first for both of us, but it was fun and a lot easier than I would have expected. We hung around that morning, had some breakfast, and finally made it to the gifts about 11am. I think this is the cutest picture of Penny, the perfect present opening shot!

After presents and loading up the car, we said tearful goodbyes to Peachie and hit the road about 1pm for Atlanta.

We had original plans to spend the entire Christmas time in Atlanta and Blairsville, but a last minute decision about no time off at work, changed those plans a few weeks ago, so we were making it up for Christmas afternoon.

During our 5 hour ride to Atlanta I got an exciting call from my friend/co-worker Eliza that she got ENGAGED on Christmas morning! I am SO excited for her and her Fiance' Matt and cannot wait to get back to Jacksonville to see the ring and hear the stories!

We managed to escape the acclament weather we were expecting during the drive and made it to Atlanta in 5 hours. During my planning for the trip I packed some snacks, but assumed if needed more of a meal we could pop into and quick restaurant and grab something- Oh wait! NOTHING is opened on Christmas day?!?!!? So we made Fig Newtons and a candy bar last us for 5 hours! Upon our arrival we sucked down some snacks and my all time favorite....SHRIMP AND GRITS!!!

We also had dinner and present opening, and .....MY GARMIN HAS ARRIVED!!! I was so excited to see it and even more excited to test it out. It has taken me SEVERAL days to get everything set up and figured out, but I think I have got the important parts down as of now!

After all the presents were open we all piled up to watch The Hangover (it seemed to be the movie of choice for many families this Christmas!)

Saturday morning the alarm went of promptly at 6am and John was nice enough to join me on my day of Christmas shopping excursion. I have done this the last couple of years and Love the un-crowded stores and great sales! I set out with Christmas money in hand Determined not to come home Until I had new pants that FIT me. The weight loss is at about 13 lbs and most of me jeans and work pants are too big to to continue wearing, I look a 90 year old Grandma with a saggy-ass...Not Cool!!!!!

I came out of shopping with a new pair of jeans and 2 pairs of work pants and a couple tops. I didnt want to spend too much money or get too much because I am anticipating that in another 6-8 weeks I will need the next size down again. Sales and gift cards applied, I only spent $20 for my purchases.

After shopping we headed to lunch at Ippolito's when I had half a Chicken Bruschetta Flatbread. I added some sauce to the top, it needed it, and there was a tad much olive oil making it a little greasy for my liking.

We relaxed a bit yesterday afternoon and then headed out for our annual family viewing of the Lake Lanier Festival of Lights!!! We all loaded up into the big white bus (aka...excursion) piled in the cooler of beer and headed up to the lake. We do this every year, and each year it gets funnier and funnier (Last year 5 of us ended up riding most of the path on the car roof and having to stop for 5 bathroom breaks- HA!).

There was no roof riding this year, as the temps were low into the 30s, but we still had a blast!!!

Much beer was consummed as we had just found out as we were leaving that Florida Head Football Coach, Urban Meyer had resigned due to health reasons- devastating. We have since found out he is only taking an indefinate leave of absence, but still- It Hurts:(

This morning John and I headed to publix for some supplies for breakfast today and tomorrow, and then waited for the temps to rise and our food to digest before we headed out for our scheduled 9.5 mile run. I suited up with my new headband, clothes and GARMIN. I opted to leave the camelback b/c we were planning to do 2- 4.9 mile loops and I figured I would be fine without the extra weight- bad idea there!
We ended up doing just over 5 miles- we were dehydrated, got very hot, and the hills kicked my Butt!!!! We have a 'taper' week next week with 6 miles so we baisically did that today- will do some longer runs this week, and do our 9.5 next weekend, followed by 11 miles the following weekend. Remembering my post from earlier this week, BE FLEXIBLE. Moving that run is no biggie, and it gives us more time with the family.
We got back, stretched and I got reeeaally cold, so I hoped in a hot bath and was suprised that we were headed to Whole Foods (HEaven!) We headed up there to pick up dinner, but I got lunch as well- Cajun Crab and Spinach soup! I was expecting spicy seafoodiness, but it was not quite the taste I anticipated and ate about half.
We are watching the Sunday pro games and waiting for the Urban Meyer press conference. A short shopping trip my be in the works after than...
I feel better now that I have FINALLY updated on my last 4 days- yikes, a long time! Have a good rest of the weekend!!!

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