Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visions of To-do Lists

SO I have been lazy/busy since my last post, but I hope to do a nice recap here!
Tuesday evening we picked back up our running routine and did an awesome 4 miles in a little under 41 minutes! It was warm out again and was the first up to speed run I had done in a week!
Afterwards I went home, and got back to schoolwork mode, my legs were getting tight really quick so I made sure to stretch and ice the troublesome knee.
Wednesday morning I had really ambitious intentions of getting in a 5 mile run (or any kind of workout for that matter) but my legs were super tired and I wanted the sleep, so no gym time was hadL I then had planned to get in some Christmas shopping since I feel I am super behind in this area, but this did not happen either. I did manage to get in an Amazon Order and some stocking stuffers!
My crockpot dinner was not what I had hoped, but here is hoping that the leftovers might make for a better dinner tonight- I am thinking add bbq sauce and reheat potatoes and carrots.
I neglected all schoolwork yesterday- 2 tests in 1 week is an awful lot, but I NEED to finish the last one TONIGHT so I don’t have to stress about it tomorrow- so finish it I will.

Tonight’s Plan:
-Leave work AT 6pm
-Get home, change clothes
-Run 3 miles (the quicker the better)
-Let John reheat dinner while I get to work on that Test
-Keep doing test while watching Jags game
-Finish Test tonight! Get an A! Be done for the semester

Friday’s hopeful plan
-Gym first thing- make up for Wednesday
-Work Team Dinner at Carabbas
-Watch Love Actually!!!!!!

I will be so happy to have this Test done and enjoy my weekend, we have quite a bit to do/see, starting with an easy 6 miles Saturday morning in the cold!!!

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