Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Cold PR

So after a late escape from work last night and a quick trip into Publix John and I set out on our 3 mile run we had planned. We were not quite as warmly dressed as we should have been, and were pretty hesitant to get started, a warm dinner seemed much more ideal at the time. But we approached the starting point and John took off.

Well the moral of this story is I ran my fastest 3 miles EVER! 28:28, or about a 9:29 average pace. My splits were a little less pretty, and I definitely could have pushed harder considering the weather was very cooperative. I was very proud of myself and John who also finished in just under 30 minutes! My slits were as follows
Mile 1- 8:58
Mile 2- 9:42( took a 30 second walk break)
Mile 3- 9:48 (took a 50 second walk break)

I probably could have pushed through at a slower pace rather than taking walk breaks, but I feel like even short ones help me to maintain a faster pace.

I cooked up some ravioli for dinner, and added mushrooms to my bowl- pretty tasty, and had a glass of wine out of the new Christmas Wine Glass I received at work yesterday! it is quite festive!

This morning I skipped the gym, but may go tonight after work for some bike time or a couple miles on the treadmill. Tomorrow calls for 3 miles, I am trying to squek it in in the afternoon before we start the Christmas Festivities. I am about to get ready and head over to Riverside to pick up Miss Heather (my super fun co-worker). I am taking her to the airpoirt this morning for her flight home to Oklahoma for Xmas, but we are going to get in some kitty play time and breakfast first! Happy 2 days until Christmas!!!

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