Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favorite Day!

So Wednesdays are normally great for the idea of being halfway through the week as well as tomorrow is my Friday:)
Work was suprisingly rough today, but we move on. I exceeded my expectation for the year and am moving on to 2010. I am SO excited for our trip this weekend, and equally excited for the winter weather we will be experiencing! Highs are going to be in the low 40's and I am stoked to FINALLY break out my cold weather orange and blue!!!

So back to the start of the day. Last night John and I did a 4 mile run *outside* and today I had 5 miles on the schedule. While getting in bed last night I was nervous about running today due to sore legs from Sunday's leg weights workout and yesterdays strong run. I woke up about 5:20 today to very sore legs (esp calves) and I decided to just push through it. I headed up to the gym for 5 miles on the DREAD-mill and...I DID IT ALL!!!! A tad slower than I would have liked, but did it ALL none the less! I keep reminding myself that lond runs are not for speed, but for distance and to prepare the legs for lond duration sustained running (which they are slowly getting used to). I averaged about a 10:20 pace for the full 5 miles which is a little under my half marathon goal pace of 11 min miles. Although the longer we train the more I think I may change my goals. DOn't be upset than I may not speak of said goals until after the race b/c I don't want to feel a wave of disappointment if I dont meet these publically declared expecatations. I will continue to evaluate my performance during the next 10 weeks of training and decide then what I think I will be capable of!

My legs have been tired all day, but I haven't felt excessively famished, I think I did a good job of refueling today and adding in a extra 50-100 calories per snack/meal.
Tomorrow after work we are doing a quick 3 miels before heading to Lawtey to drop off the Peach! We also have 2- 3miles runs planned for the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's run will be in the FREEZING cold, probably 32 or lower so it will be about completion and getting in a few hills, depending on Temperature...I may wait until getting home Sunday to get in those last 3 miles.

No exciting food today, standard snacks and lunch, plus leftovers for dinner. Top chef JUST got rid of my 2nd fav, so for next week's finale I am pulling hard for Kevin! GO Kev! I plan to experience your food first hand in a few weeks!!!
Night all, better post 2M!

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