Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello from the Cold!

Hello all from Atlanta! John and I headed out at 4:52AM from Lawtey. I was 49 degrees and rainy but we knew we needed to prepare ourselved for the rest of the weekend!
We stopped in Valdosta for breakfast from Cracker Barrell and then continued on our way. We made it to the house at about 10:45 or so. We were greeted with many animals, Peachie would have enjoyed new friends, but with a couple of sick kitties it was best she kept her curious nose at home. All of the fur-children!

After a little relaxation and a change of clothes we headed out for some light shopping and lunch! John wanted to check out a computer parts store that we don't have at home and then we headed to J. Alexanders for lunch. I had a Veggie burger and it was SO tasty! So much flavor and I got in some veggies. I ate it with only ketchup and no bun, as well as about half the fries.
After lunch we headed to the local sports paraphenalia store to scope out the loot for more possible weekend attire. We left empty handed, but I had the most fantastic idea...
I really need to buy 2 sets of these little infant booties and have Peachie wear them to keep her little feetsies dry:)
I did manage to track down a scarf for tomorrow as well as a very specific Christmas present I have been trying to obtain.
John and I DID get a 3 mile run in today as we said we would, it was cold, but we were prepared and it felt great by the end. The biggest challenge was the HUGE hill we had to tackle right at the beginning, and it was not real fun or easy. It really took a toll on my calves which slowed me down for most of the run. Our last mile was back up at normal pace as we were speeding the opposite direction, down the monstorous hill this time, but forget about the last little one right at the end that snuck up on me. 3 miles =33:05, not bad for 45 degrees and lots of hills.
We had a nice dinner and are now going to head for bed. I can't do 19 hours like I used to with little sleep in between. I have to prepare for tomorrow's Unofficial National Championship Game!

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