Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Non-Sick Run

Hello to everyone, today was a busy Tuesday at work, nothing exciting on that front, and I made it home at a resonable hour.

Yesterday at work I started getting a scratchy throat but chalked it up to the yelling from Saturday's game and went on my way. Well, after arriving home last night there was still no relief so I had 2 cups of hot tea before bed. I slept pretty badly and woke up several times convinced I was choking because I could not swallow or breath through my mouth- woke up this morning- no relief!
I managed to down yogurt and 2 cups of tea before work, soup and 9!!! cups AT work- by the time I got home I was SO frustrated (and hungry) I didnt know what to do!

SO I made tacos as planned and we dropped our 4 mile run down to 3 miles- sounds fine right? Throat still hurts ANOTHER 2 cups later!

NO, I am not sick, its just a throat thing. NO, its not swine flu! Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am off to bed as my lack of food today has left me cranky and lethargic. My exciting post will have to wait until morning!

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