Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heaven on a Stick

So for anyone who saw my facebook updates today, you know that I sampled some Amazing snackage at work today! More on this later...

So this morning I visited with Heather and her playful kittens before our Breakfast date- we hit up Cool Moose Cafe in Riverside. I had a ham egg and cheese sandwich on a crossiant, and it was Delish!!! We split an order of breakfast potatoes, always a good idea, and I had some hot tea with my food! There was an interesting character right outside the restaurant who was seeming to gather all the parts needed to build a car in his briefcase- it was wierd, and NO I was not able to capture a picture of said nomad.
After dropping Heather at the airport I headed to work for what was a very slow day, almost no activity, the phone didn't ring- nada! I did somehow secure an enrollment- pure luck, nothing more, although I have come to learn, that is about all this job is, luck and working re-donkulous hours!

After work I made it home to discuss tomorrows plans with John, we have a few presents left to wrap, 1 or 2 last minute stops to make and then hit up Mom's house for late lunch and presents and then on to Lawtey to begin the true Christmas festivities- food, family, and presents!
I started getting my things to pack together tonight, mostly the sleep and running clothes portion, tomorrow will be the remainder of the packing list. It is supposed to be SUPER chilly in Atlanta during our visit, highs in the mid to high 40s and lows in the 20s, layers and sweaters are needed, this never makes for a slight suitcase, I will be busting out the Mac Daddy suitcase tomorrow! I did score some new boots tonight to keep my feetsies warm in the cold as my old ones were falling apart and essentially useless.

Tomorrow we have a 3 mile run on the schedule but I plan to do 4 miles to make up for my lack of workout today, as well as to make up for eating this beauty today- my heaven on a stick!!!!

Think Long pretzel stick dipped in warm chocolate fudge rolled in mini chocolate chips and set out to dry...YUM!!!!!! I could not seem to eat it fast enough- embarrasing I KNOW!!

I am sad to have to leave my Peachie for so many days while we are gone, but she will be too much for the sick kitties:( I miss her terribly when we are away and hate even more having to leave her to sleep outside in the cold the way she did before she came to live her fabulous domesticated life.

Pray for Peachie during her camp out with her family this weekend.

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