Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy weekend update!

Hello all, I took a blog break this weekend as I had PLENTY to do and not nearly as much time to do it all in. I preface this by saying I have no yet uploaded the pictures from this weekend:( so this will be an un-picturefied post. Heading back to where I last left you...

Saturday morning John and I woke up with time to do our 6 mile run before I had to be at work, and not only was it 44 degrees (a little colder than I expected) but it was SUPER windy. We decided that this was not how we wanted to run our 6 miles so we snuggled up to watch the rest of Love Actually and plot out the day before I had to head to work. I managed to make my work day worth my while, and then ducked out to tackle the rest of my to-do list and meet up with John and his family who were up in town for the day.

While they all had lunch I managed to tackle my Christmas Shopping list and then met them for some browsing at Dick's Sporting Goods. I was actually a little disappointed in their selection, I think Sports Authority has a much better selection! We then came home to place ANOTHER online order to pretty much round out the Christmas shopping- I just need to pick up 3 small things! I have yet to wrap any of said presents yet, but hopefully I will get to that tonight!!!

We relaxed at home for a bit and I finally grabbed lunch/dinner, caught up on some blogs and took a short nap:) We hung low Saturday night as we had BIG plans for Sunday!

Sunday morning I woke up early and headed out the freezing cold to Volunteer at the Jacksonville Bank Marathon and 1/2 marathon. I was set up as a 'course marshall' at the 6.55 mile mark or the turn around point for the 1/2 marathoners and a pass point for the marathoners so I got to see EVERYONE! This was SUCH a fun experience for me to see all of these hard core runners, it really got me exctied for my 1st half in February and got me ready for the 6 mile run we had scheduled that had been put off until then. I mad it home by 8:30 (yes these races start this early) and we headed out for 6 cold miles!!! John set the pace for the 1st 2 miles and he was FLYING. We did 2 miles in just under 19 minutes so about a 9:30pace, a little faster than we are supposed to be going on our "long run" days. I managed to finish all 6 miles at a 10:15 pace, better than the 10:30 pace I was hoping for and I could have done it quicker, but I lost John temporarily and got worried and stopped a few times to check for him. He took a different route and beat me home!!!!!!

I was Very pleased with my 6 mile time and am hoping to do the next one in 2 weeks in 1 hour, or hopefully a tad less. But first we have to tacke the 9.5 or what I am hoping to turn into 10 mile trek this upcoming weekend. Based on plans and looking at the weather forecast, a Sunday run is probably most appropriate. Even though it is 9.5 on the schedule 10 sounds most appealing to me to hit double digits, we would have 11 miles 2 weeks after that so I think it would make it easier. I realized we have 4 more true long runs before our race and 4 more 6/7 mile runs. I am starting to put together my race goals and they are certainly hefty for a first race, but assuming I dont break and the weather is not disgustingly hot that day, I think they are totally doable!

So after getting back from our run, a quick shower was had and I refueled with a glass of milk, an apple with Peanut butter, string cheese, and the other half of my CLif Z bar left from earlier in the morning. We headed to Lawtey to visit and let Peachie play with her friends! She had lots of fun and was thoroughly worn out once we got her home- I even still saw the effects this morning as she curled right back up to go to sleep as soon as she had finished her breakfast.

We made it home from Lawtey and I went to visit my mom who had some jaw surgury last week. She is doing well, but can't talk or eat for another week or so- it was interesting having the whole conversation with myself sort of. I then went to Publix (this makes me happy). This week was a short grocery list as it is a short week for us, but we will be making one more trip to the store on Thursday for the things we need to bring with us! I did a TON of laundry read a little then went to bed.

I feel very well rested today and have some crosstraining (bike and hill-walking) on the schedule for tonight. John and I also need to make a BestBuy Trip- it was a Nightmare this weekend!!! Off to do work. I have a fun video to post tonight!!!

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