Sunday, December 13, 2009

Epic Eight

So today we finally were able to get in our 8 mile run! A new personal long distance for both John and I!

So to start with a weekend recap...

Saturday morning I woke up to pending rain, and we got dressed and headed out for our run only for it to start raining. Considering it was a tad cool and I was just getting over a yucky cold we decided an hour and a half run in the rain was not a smart idea. I went ahead and started the first of many loads of laundry and headed for work.

I managed to work, and then John and I headed to the outlets in St. Augustine but came home empty handed. I took about an hour nap (something I never do) and then got ready for my work Christmas Party.

The party was at a local restaurant called Seven Bridges, I have been there several times, but was not as happy with the dinner fare last night as I normally am, I will chalk it up to a mass order and will return there again. We spent a while there talking with my co-workers and then headed home to relax a bit and turn in early. After the downpour that took place all day Saturday we knew our 8 mile run HAD to be finished this morning.

So the alarm went off at 6am and Peachie started to stir. We managed to get up to the start of our pre-planned route and start off at 7:00am! The first 2 miles were unbelieveable humid and I had already sweat through my shirt by then. At mile 1.5 I started having a coughing fit and I had to stop for a good minute to cough up some stuff in my chest. I really thought with the coughing reaction that I was going to throw up, but I drank some water, caught my breath, and it passed. I found my breathing to be VERY off today (i'm sure in part to the humidity and rising temperatures) but mostly because I still had a lot of stuff running down the back of my throat from my nose and was still coughing quite a bit. It forced me to have to take short/quick breaths rather than breath at a slow steady pace, and I feel that this impacted my running I just felt very out of whack. Normally my strides line up with my breathing very well and it allows ne to maintain my pace very well, so I felt so off today. By the time I made it to mile 3 I was mentally ready to be done.John was ahead of me by almost a 1/2 mile and my feet felt so heavy, but from there I forced myself to implement the Galloway Method I used when I first started running- using run/walk intervals. I let myself run for 5 minutes, walk for 1. This kept me at about an 11 minute pace until mile 6.Not too bad considering my goal was to finish in 90 minutes. At mile 4 I took 2 of my clif shot blocks, they were a tad more solid than I anticipated but they helped me SO much. I didnt eat much last night and didnt eat at all this morning. They were a huge pick me up and gave me the energy to maintain a stable pace for the 2nd half of the run. I kept my 5 minutes running/1 walking until I finished and finished a tad over my goal at 1:33:12, not too bad considering I thought I was going to puke before the 2nd mile.

I learned a couple things today...

1. walking isnt a bad thing while running, just keep it in moderation and it can help you run quicker and maintain your pace.

2.Fueling during a long run is critical! This is the first time I have found it necessary to fuel mid-run but I noticed a HUGE difference once I did.

3. I NEED and camelback. I drink a ton of water when I run (John doesn't- I don't get it) but 1 waterbottle will really only hold me for about 4-5 miles comfortably and I HATE having to ration water while running.

4. It will always be humid the day after it rained for 24 hours

5. Running is all mental- so crucial to mentally prepare for each run. I was not quite ready today, but was able to push through the mental block and finish respectably.

6. My body can run 8 miles- and probably more- I will rock this half marathon in February! I am already trying to think about my race strategy and splits to make sure I prepare properly during training runs.

After we got back to the car after the run John and I hit panera for sugar and some breakfast. We came home to eat it and I took a hot bath as I was super cold and stretched quite a bit. I rested and then started in on the dreaded Calc Test as John was leaving for the Jags game. I struggle d through it, then rocked it, got some lunch, tried some more and finally quit for the day to finish my to-do list. I finished the laundry, wrapped some Christmas presents and built this little palace for Peachie!

She LOVES to watch the squirrels, and this just gives her a nice space to sit and do so. She sat her most of the day with no movement and hardly any noise either. John came home and we hit Costco and Publix, threw in a quick dinner, put away laundry and am getting ready for my week. John still has 2 more days off:(

I am off to bed as I am super tired after all that was accomplished this weekend. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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  1. Congrats on your long run! After I missed your call Friday I was worried something was wrong until I saw your blog update.:)Hope you continue to feel better!