Friday, December 11, 2009

Back from the Sick

Hello blog readers!

I have been quite ill this week, hence the blog slacking. But I am pleased to report I woke up this morning feeling SO much better! Only occasional coughing, no more sore throat and minimal congestion which I am sneezing away with no problems.
My week has been pretty uneventful- I have not run since Tuesday and John and I have 8 miles on the schedule for tomorrow, which I was really hoping to be better and able to run it, and it seems I will be. I am a tad nervous considering I haven't logged too many miles this week, but I think I can do it. The weather here in Jacksonville tomorrow is supposed to be high 40's in the early morning hours and high 50s/low 60s at mid-day the 2 times we have available to run.
I am excited to log this new long distance and am praying that the cold temps will make it a pretty painless run.

Goals for tomorrow's long run:
-Finish 8 miles (first a foremost, this is super important considering I have NEVER run 8 miles before)
-Complete all 8 miles in 90 minutes (this allows for an average of an 11:15 pace- More than doable)
-run the first 4 miles without stopping- this is harder to do on our normal route b/c there are 2 serious hills that come into play usually killing us, so I am hoping with a fun new route, cool weather and fresh legs I can do this!!!

I am nervous about this one- John and I have never been on a long enough run where we needed to fuel mid-run. So many of the things I have read from experienced runners recommend refueling mid-run for anything longer than 6 miles (or an hour). We have some clif shot blocks ready to go for tomorrow. Hydrating is also going to be needed- first off I am very dehydrated from my yucky sick week and I will be carb loading and hydrating today to prepare as I also have not eaten much this week. I think this 8 mile run is going to be helpful in preparing for our half marathon as it is a little more than half the total distance of that race, and it going to start forcing us to experiment with mid-race fuel and pre-run carb loading which was never super necessary before since our runs were shorter distanes but bumping up to medium distances is a whole new game and I am SO excited! We have 9.5 miles on the schedule in 2 weeks which will fall over Christmas weekend in Atlanta so I am mentally starting to prepare for the long cold run + hills...should be interesting.

John happens to have a 5 day weekend this week and I am SO jealous, espcially considering mine is only a day and a half and in that time my to-do list is as follows:
-Calc Test 5 (last one)
-Work (9-1 Saturday)
-Run 8 miles
-Work Xmas Party
-More Test 5
-HUGE load of laundry
-Clean the neglected dirty house
-Speedwork on Sunday-3 miles
-Grocery Shopping (this is probably the best part)

What is on your list for the weekend?

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