Monday, October 26, 2009

Sluggish Monday

Happy Monday to all, we seemed to have regained a bit of a fall breeze today, I hope the temperatures follow suit. Today both John and I found ourselves commenting on how sluggish we felt today, probably the busy/stressful weekend plus the fact that today was a Monday.
Our Monthly start at work is tomorrow morning, and I am SO glad for this month to be at its closing point. I am also looking forward to my short 4 day week, I have switched my late day this week so my weekend starts at 6pm on Thursday! I have errands and some prep to do Friday and then will be spending time with fellow Gators (and Dawgs)!
Today I had a fantastic fall breakfast of Pumpkin Oatmeal! I used instant oats with 1/2 cup pumpkin, pumpkin spice and little honey. It was So good and Super filling! Today was also our monthly 'Thank-You' Lunch at work where they bring in a catered lunch and we have our monthly staff meeting, but today they brought in Chick-fil-a which normally I like but I knew it would leave me feeling gross (plus they got all the really yucky sauces) so it was not worth the calories and regret that would come later on, so I stuck with the lunch I brought!
John and I did a 3 mile run tonight which I was a bit hesitant about as I was not feeling my best today, but I am happy to admit that it helped me feel a lot better and I did all 3 miles in under 32 minutes (with 2 stretch breaks). It was a pretty easy run I felt like and I am glad to see the speed work is paying off, I may go to 2 speed workouts per week instead of just 1 until I get up to the pace I want and then can run race paces from there.
In more fun news, I found a fun new recipe to make football shaped brownies and draw the laces on with white icing- I will be trying this recipe for the game this weekend! Off to catch up on some reading and sleep!

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