Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's About Time

So after months of blog-stalking others I have decided it's about time to start my own! Having moved away from so many family and friends now I feel this is a good way to keep everyone updated on what is happening in Jacksonville! We will see how successful I am with keeping up with it with all.

John and I just ran our first 5k race yesterday and it was so much fun! We have decided that we are going to try to do 1 each month and we are also hoping to run the 26.2 With Donna half marathon at the end of February 2010. For those of you who know me at all I have NEVER been a runner, but after my knee surgury in June of this year it has been something I have very much gotten into. I love that it is a good cardio workout that is still core stabalizing and I have found it to be a HUGE stress-reliever after a long/bad day at work. I hope to be able to update everyone more as to our running endeavors and successes!

Also to update anyone I haven't spoken to in a while, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Mathematics and will be starting my Masters classes at Jacksonville University in the Spring. I am taking 2 additional Calculus Courses at FCCJ right now to make sure I am up to speed with everything they may throw at me. I am hoping to be an adjunct for an online math class at the local community college in the upcoming semesters, and once I finish with this degree to teach as a full-tme professor at the community college. After working for about 18 months I came to the conclusion that I wanted to have something I could always use and that would offer a lot of flexibility.
My current job is going well and paying for the school bills which is always nice, and I feel that finally after about 18 months here in Jacksonville that things are finally starting to feel normal. The non-numbered roads are becoming more familiar and I absolutely love it here! I am suprised that I haven't missed Gainesville more since I have been in Jax, but John and I have both been very pleased with our new life here and are excited to see what comes in the next few years!

Look forward to updating everyone on the latest and greatest from the first coast!

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  1. Hey... oh my goodness! My fellow blog-stalker has a blog! I miss you a bunch... my job is taking up so much of my time, but whenever I get my head above water we have to go out. :) I am excited to read up on the happenings in your life... love you!