Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So last night I skipped the blogging to fold laundry and go to bed exciting life I live, right? Well while watching Sex and The City last night John noticed that the hotel that this particular episode was being shot at was the same hotel he stayed in last summer during his 6 week training in NYC! It was a very modern hotel with an escalator to get up to the lobby where you are greeted with a huge chandelier and then a very swanky bar immediately to the left. It has neon green accents and a floor that lights up. We were very excited to see the hotel he had spent so much time in. For those who are interested in Viewing it was in Season 6: Part 2- Disc 1, Episode 2.
Going back to Tuesday it was a very long day, I was super tired for some reason. Yesterday was supposed to be a rest or cross-training day but I felt like I needed some activity and did not want to ride the bike so I decided to do some speed intervals to see if I could further help to improve my speed in my long runs. I have been doing these about once a week and have seen it help reduce my average time on my runs so I figured 2 miles of intervals wasn't too strenuous and could still be considered cross-training since there was definitely walking involved as well!
Last night John had already eaten our leftover tacos when I made it home, so I made some veggies for dinner that I have really been wanting- Portobello Mushrooms and some Asparagas, quite tasty.
Off to make breakfast and resolve today's wardrobe issues!

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