Monday, October 19, 2009

Looooong Weekend Update

So lots of updates! So after a 2 mile treadmill run due to cold weather Saturday morning, John and I went to Gainesville for the game. We stopped in Lawtey to deposit Peachie with her dog family for a play date and then headed for Gainesville early so we could watch the Texas/Oklahoma game that came on at Noon. We watched the 1st half at The Copper Monkey while grabbing lunch, then went and saw our friends at the normal tailgate for about 15 minutes before going to meet up with Paul, Rachel, and Jared. We sat on the student side which I really enjoy because nobody fusses at you when you scream too much which I Certainly did:)

After the extreme nail-bitter of a game we pulled out a win, but I had lost my voice. We stopped back in Lawtey to visit John's Cousin and her new baby (who is absolutely adorable!), say hi to the family, and scoop up The Peach before heading back to Jacksonville.

Sunday morning started with some sleeping in and then we met up with Mom and Granny for breakfast. We ended up going to The Pancake House which is one of my favorites and breakfast was fantastic! It was Granny's first time meeting Peachie and let me tell you that the little dog LOVED the attention! After they headed out John and I started to watch My Life in Ruins that we had gotten from Redbox, but were not overly impressed. We then took Peachie out to the Tennis courts while John and I attempted to play and she just chased the tennis balls. I then ventured to costco and publix, I really love going grocery shopping alone, it is one of my favorite things to do. I can make a list and get right in and out as well as any person, but I love to browse the aisles and look at all the different products and start thinking of ideas for recipes I have either never tried or haven't made in a while. I especially love browsing at costco because they have SO many fun things! Sunday was a 2 mile run, steak and Sunday night football! Oh and the Jags won, Yay!

So Monday morning comes, John, Peaches and Myself all ignore BOTH alarms and end up getting out of bed an hour later than usual-we obviously needed the extra sleep (or maybe we didn't want to get up and brave the 48 degree cold we had this morning!) Work was work and then tonight called for our 3 mile run! I finished all 3 miles in about 33 minutes which comes out to an 11 minute mile but we took a couple walking breaks, but I have been down between a 10 and 10:30 mile, especially with the cool weather and nice breeze!

I was SO excited all day today to get home and make Tacos for dinner (which I had been wanting for about a week!!!!)
Please ignore my Monda y night Fine China:) But they were super delicious!
We planned to watch House, our regular Monday night show, but as I type this, Fox has decided that some Playoff Baseball game is more Important than my Monday night House routine, and we are 25 minutes past when the show should start and I am STILL being forced to watch Baseball:(

I am protesting Fox and going to finish my Calc HW, take a hot bath and crawl in bed early with a magazine! Night!!!

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