Monday, October 12, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

So today was an especially hot day on the First Coast, and the 90 degree weather felt even grosser when I walked into work today to discovered that the air conditioning had broken Again! It was our very own Sauna until I left today at 5:30pm, and boy was I thankful for my little fan!

But I was very pleasantly surprised to read today that we are expecting a partly cloudy 75 degree day with only 20% chance for rain this Saturday for the FL/Arkansas Game!

It is nice to have a solid team coming in for homecoming, and we have the last few years which has been nice. Growing up we ALWAYS had the Friday of homecoming weekend off, and going into my 2nd year in the real world (and not in Gainesville) people don't seem to understand that Homecoming Friday is supposed to be a Holiday, needless to say we will be making our pilgrimidge on Saturday morning. I am hoping this will be the last game with which I will be sporting my summer Gator Gear and that I can be bringing out my colder weather Orange and Blue for the rest of the season! During the off season I purchased a pair of Orange Alligator Print Flats for this season, and I am DYING to give them their first appearance!

In other news, John and I tried a new route today for our run. We mapped it out on Sunday and gave it a shot tonight doing 2 miles. The road that runs kind of behind our apartment and gives us the ability to do as short as 1 mile or up to 4 miles, so we arehoping this will provide us with some more variety for our runs! Once we start to make 4 miles look easy, we can add more to it with a long loop around a very large block that our apartment complex is on. I was pleased I finished the first mile tonight in 10:37 and John and I decided that our goal times for our next 5k (Nov. 7th) were going to be 30 minutes for him and 32 minutes for me, 10 and 10:30 min miles each!

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