Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not so Lazy Sunday

I do want to congratulate my Gators on their win last night, great game all around!
Today has been a surprisingly busy Sunday. Normally we clean and grocery shop, but not much else, John and I both like to take Sundays to relax and prepare for the upcoming week. We made trips to walmart and costco to pick up supplies for the week, my newest food obsessions have been frozen blueberries ( frozen since they are out of season and are super expensive to buy fresh ones) and greek yogurt! For those who have not tried greek yogurt I do recommend it, but I recommend buying the flavored ones, the plan tastes a bit like sour cream, but it is a healthy alternative to sub in for Mayo or
Sour cream!
I just finished my 2nd calc test for this semester, a grueling 2 hours later and my brain is officially fried! Instead of a normal run today I am going to try a speed interval training workout I read about from a fellow blogger. It tells you to spring as fast as possible for 1/4 mile and then run a moderate pace for 1/2 mile and repeat until completing 3 miles. We will see how this goes, but it is supposed to help increase your time when you are doing a long run. I really need to start strength training more, so will be attempting to add this in today as well. After the run will be laundry, bathing the dog, dust, vacuum, prepare lunches for the week and start dinner.
Hoping that the expected cold front this week brings the cooler weather permanently, 90 degrees in October is just not fall. I am ready to start breaking out the sweater and peacoats!

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