Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gotta Love Hump Day

So I have found Wednesday to be my favorite day of the week, not only do I get to leave work on time, but it is Top Chef night! It is an added bonus that the night of my late TV show is followed by the morning I get to sleep in. For those who have not watched Top Chef, it is fantastic! Even if I have just consumed a 5 star meal right before it always makes me hungry, so I always try to eat a little later on Wednesdays.
Today was a little out of the ordinary as well, I went to get my hair done and for anyone in Jacksonville who is still looking for a hair stylist, I highly recommend Rhonda at Miracles Salon on Baymeadows. I had a bad experience at another salon and then found Rhonda through a co-worker and she is Amazing! After finishing up there I came home for a 2 mile run, I was able to cut my time down tremendously and ran my first mile in 9:54, followed by a slower 2nd mile, but 2 miles is better than none. I came home and made one of my favorites Breakfast for dinner! Ham, spinach and onion omlet, toast with Apple butter, and some fruit. In my efforts to eat better and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it seems only appropriate to be accountable for what I eat, so I will try to be accountable to any readers out there.

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