Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

After a lot of anxiety and even more sweet talking, I managed to make it to the weekend with Two Whole Days ahead of me!
John and I are VERY excited for the Arkansas game tomorrow, we did not make it last year so we are happy to be going back for homecoming, my 1st one as an Alumni :(
I got in touch with an old friend today that I found via facebook and found out she is living in Germany right now with her husband who is in the military and their children. It is amazing where we all end up years later, but it is Always great to catch up with old friends!
I am excited to break into my cool weather Gator clothes for tomorrow's game, and hoping we can maintain these temperatures for the next 2 weeks until we get through FL/GA (if you wonder I mention it so much, Yes this is the highlight of my Fall!)
I did do the first shopping trip yesterday for FL/GA- did all of the dry and non-parishable things like plastic silverware, trashbags, etc.
Next weekend is the big costco trip for the food!
Have a great weekend! Go Gators!!!

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