Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Restaurant Wars!

So tonight's episode of Top Chef is my Favorite every season: Restaurant Wars!!! They split the contestants into 2 even teams and each tem is responsible for opening a "restaurant" and it is SO much fun to watch. John will be watching it off the DVR in the morning which I normally do, but I am taking my car (Maggie) to get her 10,000 mile Oil Change and check-up. That's right, my new car just hit 10,000 miles TODAY! That is about right though, I have had it for right about 9 months and it has also made Two 700+ mile trips to Gulf Shores so it is right about where it should be. We do want her running in top condition as we are hoping to put her on the road again in about 6 weeks for the SEC Championship Game!
Ok, enough football. This week at work is crazy with Orientation tomorrow and out Monthly Core Start coming up on Tuesday. I will be SO happy to see this start go, October is one of the most difficult months we have, and as I told my boss today, "Orientation day is nothing like Christmas" despite his repeated attempts to tell us it is. Christmas does not leave me panicked and sweating, praying to God that my students decide to be truthful for Once in their lives and show up when they say they will. Orientation is stress, anxiety, panic, running, phone harrassment, and never usually ends on a positive note; so No, This is NOTHING like Christmas
John and I did our 3 miles as scheduled tonight, and I am glad to see that my average time for all 3 miles is coming in at under 11 minutes per mile! I have done 5 straight days of running and am taking the next 2 off. I plan to bike or do yoga on one of those days and then we have our 4 mile run this Saturday!

Back to Top Chef now. Enjoy!

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