Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost the weekend!

I am very thankful that my Wednesday is going by quickly. I actually switched late days with a co-worker so I could get off By 6pm tomorrow to start my weekend!
John has to leave tomorrow to go to Charlotte for work, so I will have lots of time to wear-out the dog and get my to-do list checked off.
Tuesday was a very Loooong day. Being start day, we had to be into work at 7:15am to get all our morning students signed in and in class. We left at 7pm and after 2 quick errands I went home and wanted to crash, I managed to break my internet and postpone all homework and cleaning to this morning since I wasn't going in until 11am. A hot bath and early bedtime were most certainly in order and I slept like a rock until John and I both heard Peachie Yelp in the middle of the night! That's right, the dog that doesn't speak or bark is a dream talker!
Today I managed to wake up before my alarm and get in a 3 mile run. I was scheduled for 4 but since John is running after work and it was wet I decided to go run at the gym. I did 1.5 miles at race pace to warm up and then decided I would do 5 1/4 mile speed intervals to help kill the time and distance. Well, when I got about half way through my 3rd sprint I really felt like I was going to throw-up so I finished the 3rd set and called it a day. I did an extra half mile Sunday so I will take Peach for a 1/2 mile to mile run tomorrow to make up for my defecit today. As much as I like morning running, gives me lots of energy and gets it out of the way, I really feel that I do better at night as I have gotten used to it, and it helps to have a little fuel still sitting in my stomach to burn off (I usually eat my daily apple on my drive home at night which I have found to be the perfect pre-run fuel!). After that I came back, took a quick shower and started to tackle my to-do list.
I have been eating toast and yogurt for breakfast, and it has become my new favorite thing. I have 2 slices of whole wheat toast, 1 covered with apple butter and the other with Peanut Butter and Banana. I have been wanting to try almond butter per several recommendations- I will report on that once I try some. I have gotten into plain greek yogurt for bfast with blueberries. Today I also put in some granola which I haven't had in a while and it was an excellent compliment.
I did 3 lectures with corresponding homework problems, emailed my test notes to my professor. cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, washed towels, put away clean dishes, washed and loaded the dirty ones, cleaned the cabinet faces and counter tops and sorted all the mail by 9am. Peachie and proceeded to go on our walk where we met a neighborhood Bulldog Puppy that John and I have seen walking many times. Well Peachie seemed to enjoy him very much- she was calm and friendly. The bulldog was a little hyper, but to be expected of an 11-month old puppy, and very curious and friendly. His owner was nice and told me how they rescued him from a family that was not properly taking care of him. I immediately texted John to tell him and remind him of how much Peachie wants a playmate-Lets see if he catches the hint;)
I am now at work, where I am stuck until 8pm and then home to put away all the laundry I did, get Peachie into the bath and get the office cleaned up- It never ends!
This weekend John built us a wonderful shelf for the office to make our printers/scanners more accessible and give us more shelf space for the other things we need it for. I must say I was VERY impressed, it has turned out great, and I will display the finished product tonight once stainesd! Knowing how crafty he is, I will be using him to build me all sorts of fun things in the future!

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