Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Happy Tuesday to everyone, and a very Happy Birthday to Richard! Tuesdays are usually a pretty uneventful day here, not much schoolwork to do and no TV shows that we follow so we took our extra time tonight to play with Peaches! For those of you who have not met Peachie, she is our 4 year old Jack Russell that we took from John's Parents in January. John had always had a soft spot for her, and she has made a very exciting addition to our lives.

She is your atypical Jack Russell- she does not bark (at all!) and would rather sit in your lap all night then run around like the stero-type of her hyperactive bread.

I would love to get a playmate for her as I do feel that she is lonely with nobody to play with while we are gone all day, but lets get through one thing at a time, right? In my ideal world we would get her an all white Male English Bulldog Puppy and name him Gator!!! However, the high cost and bad karma associated with it will probably keep this as a dream rather than a reality. For now I will stick with Miss Peach decked out in her Gator Attire!

Miss Peach in her Game Dame outfit

Peachie Love to watch other dogs on TV

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